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Floral Rugs for Modern Homes

Feb 20th, 2013 By
Home decoration can be quite a challenging task. You need to take into account several vital factors when you decorate your apartment. The choice of rugs to decorate your floors also depends on the way you decorate your apartment. Here are a few multicolored floral rugs that can change the way your home looks.

Multicolored Distinct Floral Rugs

Floral rugs are rugs that have floral patterns on their surface. Traditional rugs have intricate floral patterns. The patterns on modern area rugs vary slightly. They simply have the images of flowers in varied colors. The colors may be the true color of flowers or different colors.

About The Rug

The rug shown in the figure is a contemporary floral rug. The different flowers vary in color of the flower. The background area is of a single shade. The petals of the flowers are clearly evident. There are three distinct color variations in the rugs.

Cool Colored Floral Rugs

These are also floral rugs that match modern living room perfectly. It can help you brighten the living room. It can add style and vigor to the living room. The color of the rug goes best with modern living rooms.

About The Rug

These are cool colored floral rugs. There are two cute flowers on the surface of the rug. The rug has a plain colored background. It is a simple and elegant rug. There are two color variations in these rugs.

Brown Attractive Floral Rugs

These are very vibrant options for a cream or ivory rooms. If you choose brown rugs for light colored rooms, it helps to form a perfect contrast. Make sure you use rugs which match the theme of the room.

About The Rug

This is a very eye-catchy brown floral rug. The body of the rug is brown colored. The leaves on the rug are in shades of green. The flowers on the rug are light colored. There are two color options even among these rugs. You may choose the rug which best matches your room.


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