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Footprint and Handprint Art Ideas for Home Décor

Nov 18th, 2012 By
Art and painting has always inspired man beyond imagination. They have created a niche in home interiors and décor as well. We can give a further touch of creative to art. With footprint and handprints, you can delve into the layers of modern art. You can use this concept to beautify your house this season. Look into some inspiring ideas of same kind

Colorful Handprint Wall Art

You may apply paint on your palms and press it on colorful tiles or boards. This will leave an imprint on surface. You can use such different colored canvases and prints to decorate your walls. You may even get it for doors and home outdoors. You can dip your hands in varied kinds of colors and have a creative edge over your home theme.

Handprint Wall Stencil Design

You can even choose wall stencil design for your room that has a pattern of handprint. You may even select a wallpaper of similar kind of design. As a DIY project you can fix wall sticker over your room surface and manually handprint on the walls with colors. You can get this for your bedroom or kid’s room.

Handprint Kid’s Painting

You can inspire your children to involve in art projects that include handprint. Any old plate or craft paper will do for this activity. You can use any color that you like. You may relate the shades used to the home theme or design. This will render a complete touch to home interiors.

Footprint Thanksgiving Turkey

You can also indulge in footprint art this season. You can paint the underside of your foot to make turkey painting over paper. This will spell the magic for home interiors this Thanksgiving. This is an interesting choice of DIY project.  You may beautify your home with this art on harvest celebration occasion.

Footprint Canvas Art

You can also opt for a footprint design canvas for your home. You can draw a butterfly with both your foot. Just put paint over your foot underside and place it firmly over the canvas in pattern of a butterfly. This will work well to embellish the walls of kid’s room.

Footprint Kid’s Drawing

You can celebrate this Christmas by imprinting on paper with your footprint to paint reindeer face. You can frame it and use it as painting or portrait for our walls, cabinets and other surfaces. You can even use your finger prints or handprints to draw over plants and flowers for cards and tokens.


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