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French Country Area Rugs Give your Home an Exquisite Look

Nov 15th, 2011 By

France is a country known for its exquisite style and mannerisms. One will find great classiness and exclusiveness in every item that they make from furniture, rugs and many others. Thus because of this reasons you will see classic French country area rugs in the market these days


French country area rugs are inspired by the locales and the beautiful elements available in the specific countryside of that area. These rugs are counted in both traditional rugs and contemporary rugs and hence make for an elegant home. Read the below article to know more about the rug style pertaining to these pieces

French country area rugs are the ones which have imagery display of exotic landscapes and fun filled lifestyle of French country on the surface.  You must have seen the picturesque view of the mountains and even colors present in the nature sight over in this region. Area rugs being one of the best for flooring have evolved in France, they deliver a classic expression of the elements present in nature in form of motifs on French country area rugs.

Colors and patterns found in French country area rugs

The style of graphic display which depicts the sunny hillsides on the French country area rugs is one of the famed in the category. The field or ground color of French country area rugs can range in the blends of dark colors and the pastel ones. This makes for a fine balance for the surface of these rugs. You may also find a scenic display over a neutral color background. Classic indigo blue and purple colors can be found for the floral prints found in French country area rugs.

The deep valleys and the resounding canyons along with a plush background of a pasture land can find a way of display in these rugs. Sunflower pattern on these rugs make for a grand focal point rug for the interiors. So if you are considering an outdoor rug for your home then this can be the right choice. Pink and soft pastel colors in French country area rugs can be mingled with the vibrant shades of yellow and green in these pieces.

Lavender and tulip flower patterns can also be seen in these rugs. Mostly the patterns are modified in single color for these pieces. Toile patterns of dark red and golden brown is just the most exquisite display on these rugs. Some of the pastoral pattern in the historic period of France can also be found in the French country area rugs.

Specific French country area rugsFrench provincial rugs can also be categorized under this category and make for a nice décor element for flooring in living room and hall. For more French style rugs you can browse online and look for the different patterns on the surface and also look out for alternatives in colors for them. You can make these a good accent rug for the walls also in form of tapestries. Having crackling warmth for flooring you can go for modern rug in this category which has a design pattern of a fireplace.

French country rooster rugs are also one of their kinds which find a great demand in rug lovers. For a kid rug you can look out for the pieces here which have beetle pattern spread over the surface. There even rugs here which have patterns of fruits found in French countryside like grapes famously. These can be used as French country kitchen rugs too for the interior space or the dining room also.

French country area rugs dwell in natural elements

The best part of a French décor is that there is a lot of use of natural elements. Be it the flowers or the fruits, they all can be used within the interiors in the idea of décor. Similarly in French country area rugs, this aspect remains the same. Even when it comes to the colors, we will find that these rugs have a high and rich quality of shades which are found in the oceans and corals along with the ones present in the trees and flowers.

For a natural theme in the home, you can definitely consider country French rugs which have elaborate patterns of the mystical trees and animals of the region. These rugs do not have a necessary standardized shape of rectangle or square rugs. They can also be oval rugs or round rugs.

You may find the largest of the pieces for your bedroom or the main hall besides the guest room. Even in outdoor spaces, these make for an excellent set up. Especially porch rugs having French country style look just alluring enough to make you fall in love with the space.

Additional styles in French country area rugs

Simple stripe line and patterns are found in French rugs of this kind. These are mostly adopted from the scenic beauty comprehensions in the nature. From uncomplicated to the intricate designs which can be indulged in the French country style rugs, fields and pathways of the country have a great significance as patterns for these pieces.

Country French area rugs therefore can be had for a expressive and charming home interiors and can be had for any room because the balance it strikes with the man made structure of the home and the treasures of nature is just perfect. Curvaceous patterns can also be seen in these pieces and therefore the flooring looks more of a masterpiece with these art forms.

French area rugs can therefore make your interiors spell nature quite vivaciously and speak of the dignified décor your home has. You may also consider few blends of geometric and standard shapes pattern in them if you are looking out for a transient version of French rugs. You may even look for the contemporary rugs here which have designer ideas and patterns to make for a revitalizing look for the interiors.

Hence French country area rugs make for a beautiful look for the interiors and can suit any theme accordingly. If you are looking for creative décor for the space then these are best pieces to choose for. Even if you are looking for something that delivers the feeling of ‘joie de vivre’ (enjoyment of life) in your home interiors, these rugs are an ideal one.


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