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Fruits as Accents for Coffee and Dining Tables

Mar 19th, 2013 By

There are various accents you can use to decorate your home. You can also utilize natural fruits to revamp an area. You may choose amazing fruit bowls and holders to settle these fruits on dining and coffee tables. Look into the multiple types of fruit accents you can get for your house.

If you have country themed home then you can use fruits as a dining table accent. You may even choose white flowers and spring themed shrubs as centerpieces. You may even revamp the region with chandeliers and lamps. You can look out for wood dining table in this area. You can also update the room with curtains and drapes for the windows.

You may choose animal print for the curtains in the dining area. You can compliment the appearance of this place with wool shawls and blankets as well. You may even choose wood or leather cover furniture. You can place wrought iron fruit bowl and place apples or oranges in them or any other type of fruit to add to the colors and the theme of the room. You can bring in a few flowers and vases for the revamping of the dining area.

You can even choose traditional or vintage design for the dining area and the living room. You can bring in stone wall accents. Oriental themed plates and cutleries will be a nice choice. You may even get a fruit bowl of the same material. Choose fresh fruits to give a natural look to the dining room by settling them in those bowls on the table. You can also get scented candles and sculptures in this space.

You may bring an inviting look in wedding region and area with the help of potpourri. You may adjust centerpiece on the dining table by placing in a few fruits to freshen up the place. You can also select similar centerpieces for the coffee table. You may use this idea to decorate your living room or even personal bedroom. You can also get winter themed white table mats in the area. You can also choose crystal glasses and cutleries for the table.

You can also update your fireplace area cum living room with traditional country themed accessories to look great. You may bring in rustic furniture and accents. This can include good looking fruit bowls and natural fruits themselves. You can accommodate them on the tabletop or even the fireplace mantel region. You can also adjust colorful accessories on the table top to make the region look more entertaining and especially joyous.

You can also use a fruit holder to place fresh fruits on dining table or coffee table. This will grant a very incredible appearance to the area. You can also place these accents on outdoor areas like the home bad ledge and the window sill space. You can also take these accessories in kid’s room and decorate the study area or the home office table.


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