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Fun Makeover Ideas for Furniture this Weekend

Aug 19th, 2013 By

Are you tired of old and ugly furniture? It is time to rework on them and create a unique style statement in home interiors. This weekend, get wacky and explore your creativity. Bring a novel look to chair, cabinets, dressers, stools, beds, closets and lot more by delivering a fine makeover to these items

Lazing around this weekend at home and counting down hours can be restful. However, you can consider few makeover ideas for your furniture for a lively activity. Here are some exceptional ways you can do so.

Adding Quirky Prints

One of the easiest projects to update furniture can be, adding prints. You can sketch out beautiful designs with paintbrush or tools. Use the design present in the room and reflect them on the dresser or closet. Retro, traditional and gothic themed prints are quite eye catching. Try out some abstract patterns as well to grant contemporary look.

Makeover Furniture1


Brighten with Reflection

Sometimes the furniture may not be tattered or old. It can however loose its glaze and shine. In such conditions, it is better to add reflection to the surface by re-varnishing, tinting or rendering a new finish. This will make sure that the items looks as good as new while retaining its old pattern. Doing this on regular basis can also prevent stains and blemishes.

Makeover Furniture2


Stylize with Stencil Patterns

If not prints, you can simply choose amazing stencil patterns for chairs, closets, sofas and a lot more. There are ranges of stencil patterns available online n display.  Such artistic designs can make your furniture look adorable. Choose pictorial, graphical, 3D art and whimsical stencil according to the room theme and color. In matter of a day or less, the item can regain a distinctive appeal.

Makeover Furniture3


Polishing and Painting them New

Furniture paint may chap over the years, making them look like haunted objects. To get rid of the eerie appearance, it is the best to repaint them and polish again. Choose color scheme that will allow them to look on par with the room design. Seasonal shades and trendy tones can highlight them pretty well. Whitewash these at first and coat them with paint colors that match your tastes. Stripe patterns of different colors can suit various furniture items.

Makeover Furniture4


Reupholster the Old

Frayed seat covers and springing sponge of sofas can surely look like grand mom’s old gown. To disable such a dilapidated appearance, you may reupholster the necessary furniture. Bring colorful furniture linen and fix new filing material in them to renovate seat covers, chairs and sofas. Affix the linen tautly to the edge with screws or nails or simply use decoupage glue these together.

Makeover Furniture5


Molding, Tempering and Outlining

You may retouch the existing furniture by molding the edges and tempering them to provide spotless look. Providing beaded or patterned outline is another step to rework on these items stylishly. Consider upgrading coffee tables, nightstands, chairs, closets, storage boxes and others by doing away with protruding splinters. Shaping the jutting edges and smoothening the stands or legs of furniture can give chiseled look to the items.

Makeover Furniture6


Fresh and Free of Rust

Spray old metal furniture with rust resistant solutions. If not done before, you can redo the items with rust and pest resistant paints. Trust me; your furniture will look youthful to everyone’s eyes. Refurbish these objects with timely maintenance to avoid hassles. Repaint and polish them well by scrapping off the rust with necessary tool. You can wrap them with plastic or linen to protect these from direct exposure to sunlight.

Makeover Furniture7


Repurpose with Functionality

Another way of using old furniture in creative way is to repurpose them intelligently. You can combine wood planks of various furniture items and convert them into shelves, cabinets, drawers and racks. This can be a beneficial DIY idea for weekend. Using accent rugs as chair cushions and backing can be another out of the box activity. You can upcycle existing shelves into holders and suitcases into cabinets. Look online for more such inspiring DIY tips.

Makeover Furniture8

All the above-mentioned furniture makeover ideas can help upgrade your home interiors. You may either do it yourself or call for professional help. It is always advisable to look for home improvement ways at the soonest to keep furniture and other decorative items in shape. You may read further articles in the blog to more of such tips and ideas.

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