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Funny Toilet Seats to Make You Smile

Nov 12th, 2012 By
Toilet seats almost always have a standard shape and construction. They are usually white in color. If the monotonous appearance dismays you, here are some really funny toilet seats that will make you roll giggling.

Poky Seats

Here is a unique commode seat that appears poky. You are surely going to be surprised at its distinctive appearance.

Mouth Wide Open Toilet Seat

Here is a weird toilet seat which will be waiting for you with its mouth wide open. You will definitely enjoy the unique experience you have in this sophisticated toilet.

Stinky Commode Toilet Seat

Imagine using the commode when someone sits behind you with his nose closed tightly. This is exactly what you will experience when you spend time in this commode.

Shark Mouth Toilet Seat

If you have chosen a nautical theme for your home, you must opt for these shark commodes. They perfectly blend with the nautical theme. These commodes are shaped like open mouthed sharks.

Crocodile Mouth Toilet Seat

This is the perfect toilet seat for your home if you have selected the African safari theme. They are green in color.

Personalized Toilet Seat

If you are extra careful about hygiene, here is a toilet seat for you. It can be personalized with a separate seating option for each individual in the family.

Multicolored Commodes

You may never imagine a commode to be colorful. Here is a multicolored commode that goes well with modern and stylish home interiors. It uses several colors and shades. You may feel very happy and peaceful when you enter a bath space with such a commode.

Tech Savvy’s Favorite Toilet Seat

This truly appears to be a commode made from recycled materials. It is completely green. Anyone in love with gadgets will surely love this unique toilet seat. It is modern and stylish.

Temperature Controlled Toilets Seats

These are classy temperature controlled automated toilet seat. You will have many facilities just at the click of a button or two.

Child Commode Option

Here is a cute commode option for your kid. It is pink in color. You can teach your child good hygiene habits by buying such attractive commodes.


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