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Furbish your Room with Persian Rugs

Jan 3rd, 2012 By

Persian rugs are generally handmade rugs that are made in Iran. The real Persian rugs are made from all natural silk fiber or wool and do not have synthetic silk or wool. It is the reason why Persian rugs are mostly preferred. Rather than this the main specialty of this rugs are these rugs are never found in identical design. Persian rugs make your feet go bliss with its unique pattern, style color and design. You will not find two Persian rugs that are the exact same in every aspect unless and until a weaver specifically intended to make a set of identical rugs.

Persian rugs have been around for decades and they have always been considered a form of art and also as a means of investment. Persian rugs fine piece adds classiness to your floor. It is cherished since from the ancient time. Generally there are three main types of Persian rugs such as:

  • Farsh, or Qālii, rugs- They are larger rugs which can be place in the spacious area or under your furniture.
  • Qālicheh rugs – These rugs are smaller than Farsh rugs which can be placed in any high traffic area or your living and drawing room.
  • Kilim rugs – Kilim rugs usually have a geometrical design with no pile traditionally crafted by nomads.

Persian rugs offer sympathetic to your current home décor with variety of sub categaries. Persian rugs such as Bidjar Rugs, Isfahan Rugs, Kashan Rugs, Heriz Rugs, Mashad Rugs, Gabbeh Rugs, Tabriz Rugs, Kerman Rugs, Nain Rugs, Qum Rugs which will help you making the right choice. Persian rugs are even named after the city  like Qom,Tabriz, Bidjar, Nain, Mashhad, Hamadan, Mud, Kirman, Meshkin, etc which has its own unique way of making rugs.

Persian rugs can be comfortably used and very easy to maintain and clean. Wash the rug with gentle detergent dipping it in Luke warm water. Vacuuming the rug frequently will be helpful but do not use excessive power as it harms the fabric of the rug. If the rug has lots of spill, you can use lots of clean towel and a bit warm water. Do not over shampoo the rug or bleach it, avoid machine wash and drying in direct sun.

One of the most affordable methods of changing the look of your living space with the best quality fabric type, design, and intended purpose is by investing in Persian rugs.


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