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Geometric Pattern Rugs to Match Geometric Themed Home Interiors

Feb 13th, 2013 By

Many people prefer geometric home interiors for the modern apartments. These look stylish as well as attractive. If you have chosen a geometric décor for your home, a geometric rug will go best with such a theme. Here are some eye-catchy geometric rugs that are best to decorate your floors.

Modern Multicolored Geometric Pattern Rug

Here is a multicolored rug with geometric pattern. The pattern may fall in the category of abstract patterns. It has a circular pattern at the center. There are a few rectangular patterns at the four edges that intersect the central circular pattern.


Brown and Beige Geometric Pattern Rug

This is an artistically crafted geometric pattern rug. The shades used in this rug are brown and beige. There are numerous circles of shades of brown on the surface of the rug. The circles are hollow. They look best with modern décor.


Triangle Patterned Multicolored Geometric Rug

This is a modern rug that has a geometric pattern on its surface. The main body of the rug is red colored. There are small triangles made on the entire surface of the rug. These triangles are arbitrarily inclined. They are either black or beige colored.


Red Geometric Patterned Modern Rug

This is a very attractive geometric patterned rug. It has images of rectangles on its surface. The rug is multicolored. It goes well in the category of contemporary rugs. You may use the rug to decorate geometric themed living rooms and bedrooms. The room will look splendid if you cover it with such rugs. Buy rugs that are affordable and attractive.


Blue Brown Circle Pattern Geometric Rug

This is a very vibrant geometric rug. It has a pattern which gives the room a modern look. There are few circles of different colors like brown and blue. There are vertical lines on the surface of the rug. The rug will look attractive if maintained clean. You can buy this rug online or from your nearest rug store. Research the price of the rug before you purchase this modern rug.



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