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Get Crafty by Repurposing Tea Cups

Jun 27th, 2013 By

Recreate the look of a space with repurposed tea cups. These days, style has a new definition. You can call odd and out of the box accessories as new trend setters. So, you can also let your creative juices to flow by using reused tea cups. Here are some of the inspiring examples of the same.


It is quite simple to reuse old tea cups into a utilitarian accessory. Convert few of these cups into planters. Make these as decorative items in kitchen vegetation patch. You can also upgrade greenhouse interiors and sunroom with these eye pleasing planters.

Planter 1



Get a chic looking lighting for home interiors and outdoors. Here, you have a readied chandelier to light up rooms. Fix up few tea cups and convert these into lamps. Tie several such cups together to a tea pot. String this piece to ceiling of pergola, home bar or any other area.

Chandelier 2



Tune up your mood with this creative wall clock made from old tea cups. These are painted, fixed and enameled into a functional art piece. Utilize it to beautify living room and bedroom walls. This kind of clock is ideal for boudoir interiors as well.

Clock 3


Bird Feeder

Create a sassy bird feeder using cute tea cups and plates. This is an easy way to invite wonder in the garden. Hang a plate with stringed tea cup on a rod and here you are ready with a no cost bird feeder. Place it in the garden passageways or near birdhouses.

Bird Feeder 4


Wall Hook

Revitalize garden fences and shed interiors with rustic themed tea cup wall hooks. These odd looking accents can serve as strong wall hooks for shelf and rack areas. Add them to craft and hobby room interiors for a whimsical look.

Wall Hook 5


Curtain Holder

Now, clip the curtains with recycled tea cup holder. Choose floral patterned chinaware for floral curtains. Colorful clippers of these types can look appealing as curtain knobs. Use other kitchenware like spoons and forks along with cup clips to hold heavy drapes.

Curtain Holder 6


Candle Holder

Pour hot wax into tea cup and convert it into a candle. You can also use the cast of the cup as a holder for different candles. Line such candles on stairs or passageways during special occasions. Some of these can also be used as floating candles in water fountains.

Candle Holder 7


Wind Chime

Utilize broken plates and teacups. Repurpose these into an outdoor wind chime. This is a perfect decorative item for summer and spring season. Glass, clay, ceramic and metal tea cups together can be great as wind chime materials.

Wind Chime 8


Pin Cushion

Push sponge into a tea cup after dressing it with colorful linen. There you have a pincushion ready. Use this to update home office, study room and craft area. Decorate these cups with crafty magnetic pins for a gaudy get up.

Pin Cushion 9



Hang tea cups of different designs and colors with help of strings from doors or windows. These can act as room dividers and curtains. Such inspiring drapes will bring unique look to homes. You can beauty the doors leading to lounge and recreation areas with these curtains.

Curtain 10

The above-mentioned tea cup oriented articles are cool enough to bring a new meaning to rooms. Use these accents to beautify different spaces.


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