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Give Your Apartment The Lime Green Fresh Look

Feb 28th, 2013 By
The colors you use to decorate your apartment has a great effect on the way you feel. Some colors make you feel fresh and happy while some other colors are meant to make you feel dull. Lime green adds a look of freshness to your home interiors. You can actually use lime green shades to decorate your apartment. Here are some beautiful options of using lime green shade to decorate your apartment.

Lime Green Wallpapers

You may use lime green wallpapers to color your walls. There are several options among lime green wallpapers. You must use lime green wallpapers with patterns that are distinct and eye-catchy. Here is a wallpaper that will easily draw anybody’s attention.

Lime Green Rugs

Lime green rugs are available in contemporary, shag as well as designer categories. Each of these rugs look distinct and attractive. You must vacuum these rugs regularly and wash it occasionally so that the rug looks attractive and clean. The way you maintain the rug affects the health conditions in your apartment.

Lime Green Wall Art

The lime green wall art looks very impressive. If the lime green shade is used artistically, it looks very impressive. Here is a great example of a lime green wall art. This wall art can be used to decorate the walls of the passageways. It adds to the beauty of the living room.

Lime Green Lamps

These lamps appear to be crafted from leaves. They are of a lime green shade and look great against a modern decor. You can use these lamps to brighten up the living room in style. You should choose lamps that go well with the living room decor.

Lime Green Sofa Sets

Lime green sofa sets are sober yet impressive. They look elegant and make the living room attractive. They come in many distinct shapes and forms. You must select a sofa set that goes best with your living room decor.

Lime Green Bathroom Curtains

You may even opt for lime green bath curtains. These look great and offer you privacy too. You must be choosy when you select the decor for your bathroom too. They should be colorful and impressive.


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