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Give your Front Entrance a Cheerful Look – How?

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The front door can be likened to a face of a home. It is essential to give attention towards it, for an inviting entrance holds value. Family, guests, and visitors take cue from the front door, over the rest of your home’s interior design. A beautiful entrance is like a warm welcoming smile.

Over time, an entryway may easily go overlooked. It can lose its original appeal due to ignorance and lack of upkeep. This may result in clutter, some non-functioning door hardware, chipped off paint, and grime and dirt lurking around, causing a very uninviting look. If the entrance of your home appears to be in a similar situation, it is time the front door gets a makeover. Here below are some easy-effective ways to present your doorway a fresh new look.

Paint a Fresh Coat of Color

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Color renews and protects. A front door can greatly use a fresh coat of paint, for it lends the door a new look, curbing any blemishes due to wear, while providing protection from the elements. Opt for bright pastel tones, they make up a bold and eye catching entrance. On the other hand, to prevent any formation of mildew on your door due to excess of moisture, be sure to give it a semi or high gloss finish of paint.


Install Lighting Fixtures

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Porch lights are excellent decorative accessories and practical in day-to-day use. A pair of lanterns is just what is required to lighten up the outdoor ambience. While buying lighting fixtures, steer clear from the regular type; instead choose nautical or vintage style lanterns made of metal.  In order to achieve soft lighting-one with less glare, incorporate frosted bulbs. Such lighting design adds an element of character.


Add Potted Plants

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Adding greenery is an ideal solution to bring a sense of life to the doorway. Few pairs of potted plants placed on each side of an entrance as well as the main door, evokes a warm welcoming feel. However, keep an eye for overgrowing branches and wild shrubs, which can cause visual obstruction. Buy plants low on maintenance and ones that can thrive in your surrounding environment. Succulents or perennial plants make for an interesting entryway.


Replace Door Hardware

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Door hardware is the most affected piece of accessory, which unfortunately happens to be clearly visible to everyone. Most likely, your door may have a brass knob to it. Polishing preserves, so employ a commercial brass polish and renew the hardware’s look. Likewise polish other parts too; it will save you some dollars. Nevertheless, if the elements have taken a toll on either, get them replaced.


Accessorize the Entry

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A door that lacks accessories looks bare. Do not leave it in such tasteless state rather accessorize it. Here your aim is to decorate an entryway that will look appealing. Avoid from stuffing it with jazzy accessories. Instead, focus on implementing style to day-day use items such as mailboxes, doorknockers, handles, and knobs. There are plenty to choose, available in different themes, materials, and colors. To infuse a hint of uniqueness and pronounce your style put up a couple of wreaths or a monogram decorative.


Tag the Door

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Do pizza delivery guys often miss your house? Does it take a call from the guests to confirm your home’s location? If yes, then apparently, your home needs to be more visible. House numbers are meant to assist; however, inappropriate ones do otherwise. Opt for fonts that are clear and sizeable to locate. Surprisingly, there is a good variety of them-coastal to country style and in various creative forms of vinyl decals to don your door.


Lay a Door Mat

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A doormat is necessary and an integral part of every entrance. It serves a practical purpose in keeping interiors clean of any dirt and muck entering the house. But, these dirt deterrents need not be an eye sore in your outdoor design. Doormats are available in numerous styles, shapes, and forms to compliment a design. Get one that reflects your taste and preferably choose weather resistant types, it will make for an attractive and long lasting doormat.

Throw away any unwanted and unused items around your door. Take out time and browse through the options at hand. Narrow down on a particular style, probably go for the mix and match method and incorporate the highlighted ideas. All those factors in place will enable and lend your entrance an attractive and cheerful look.


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