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Go Lavish on Home Decor this Halloween

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Right from a toddler, pet, teenager to adult, everyone looks forward to Halloween. Journeying through trivia, facts, themes, interests, and thrifty DIY ideas, it is time to explore some lavish spending tips on home decoration for this occasion. Here is how we do it the spooky way

Lush Outdoor Beautification

Do you want to spend generously this Halloween? Get set by renovating outdoors for this occasion. Purchase several pumpkins of different sizes and shades. Use carving tools to provide pumpkins spooky touch, reflecting graphical representation of dark creature faces on these items. Convert few pumpkins into Jack O’ lanterns. You can buy colorful LED candles and small lava lamps to fit in Jack O’ Lanterns, and line these up on pathways and lawn.

Halloween Home Decor 1


halloween porch decoration

Ready your driveway with artificial blood stained carpets. You can decorate garden with goblin and vampire sculptures. Life size, zombie balloons will be great as accents for pool and lawn area. Some people are gaga over gothic décor, so you can probably pick bat, cat, fleshy facemasks from online market, hang these on existing sculptures, water fountain, trees in outdoors.

Spider and bug shaped lanterns are quite popular. You can consider few of these for lighting up home outdoors. Pep up entrances and porch with ornamental skull wreaths and black flowers. Scarecrow figures, miniature haunted houses, blood vials can suit as interesting decorative accents for lawn and gardens. Let the autumn harvest bloom with sprinkle or rich dried leaves rolling over roofs, pathway floors and porch decks. These will add to haunting appearance of outdoors.


Spice up Indoors Grandly

Moving to indoors, you can use glittery garlands made from Halloween inspired toys and flowers to drape window, doors and walls. Sparkling witch decals on walls along with gothic stencil art on table and countertops will provide the perfect scary appeal. Lighting is an important aspect on October 31st. Hence, you can buy designer candles with engraved art displaying illustrations of ghouls and spirits. Cast iron Halloween lamps are best to beautify staircases.


Halloween Home Decor 5

Halloween Home Decor 6

Get witch’s broom, wizard hats, magic wands and faery jar light to beautify floors and rooms. Some other choices of accents can be Halloween ornaments like mummy bandages, blood stained daggers, scary masks, misty frizzes, and silhouette cutouts. Remember the budget friendly craft ideas from previous posts? You can utilize these items along with the purchases ones and create a myriad décor theme for your home interiors.

Dining and living areas are prominent nooks of decoration on Halloween. Artificial cobwebs along with haunting music playing in the background can render the ideal horror effect. Spread mist on the floor and use lower room temperature to produce chilling ambiance. All this together are sure to give Goosebumps to people. Hang animated scary toys from ceilings, like spiders with twitching legs and zombies with rolling eyeballs.


Luxurious Party Decoration Ideas

Pop champagne, play gory music and get in the scariest costume this Halloween. Be ready to party all night with friends and family with sprawling frightening accents all over the room. Be it an outdoor or indoor party, beautifying the space according to the likes of guests is important. Know the interests of those invite and arrange for nasty surprises like pouncing eyeballs and revolving skulls at the entrance. Dress few hosts as banshees, werewolves, and mad clowns to welcome all.

halloween party ideas

halloween table decoration

Use dim lights and bulbs that fade and glow to darken the room more. Radium floor lights and wall accents will render much spookier effect. Spend lavishly on walls around, splay artificial blood on walls and stairs, use broken bones made from plaster of paris to beautify canvases and tables. Invite more surprise by creating a murky land with jelly fluid.

So, whoever will tread on that area will be in puddle of soft sponge like material. Be choosy in what you eat and drink. Opt for glasses and mugs with painted eyeballs and teeth over the surface. Make use of body part shaped bowls and plates like that of tongue, ears, hands and toes. Frankenstein tumblers, skeleton stirrers, fleshy table linen and carnivore plant illustrated placemats are excellent for table decoration.

So, now that we have a wide source of DIY and lavish Halloween ideas along with few tips for party decorations, we are well prepared to celebrate October 31st. However, Halloween party is one of the biggest attractions. Hence, beside beautification tips there is lot more that goes in arranging the necessities for such parties. In the next post, we will be talking about some useful organization, decoration, planning tips for the same.

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