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Greetings America: 4th July Table Decor Ideas

Jul 4th, 2013 By

July 4th is significant for U.S.A citizens. After all, it is their independence day. So, celebrating this day with lots of love and style is on mind of everyone. You can house a party or invite people over for a get-together. Here are some ideas that you can use to decorate tables on this day

Happy Birthday America

Use striped paper garland spelling 4th July at the outdoor table. Inspiring U.S.A flag themed food art can top up the design of the table. You can upcycle beverage bottles by painting them with red, blue and white watercolors.

Happy Birthday America 1


Plates and Bowls

Cutleries and table accessories bearing the imprint of American flag can look cute. Star patterned plates and bowls can add zeal of festivity in outdoors. You can upgrade outdoor garden area with these accents. Such bowls and plates can also reflect patriotic home décor.

Plates and Bowls 2


Flurry of Glasses

Recreate the holiday feel with red and white striped table. Adjust blue and red colored glasses to complete the decoration suited for July 4. This table design can add a touch of style to seating area and tea parties.

Flurry of Glasses 3


When Patriotism Sprouts

Get your craft ideas in reality to construct paper and fabric table accents. Color them with watercolors like red, white and blue so that they resemble the American flag. Use these accents as centerpieces to the dining or coffee tables.

When Patriotism Sprouts 4


Cutlery Holders

You can reuse old canisters into cutlery holders. Print pattern of the American flag on papers and wrap these around canisters. Provide a final touch by polishing the canisters. Here, you have a ready table accent for the 4th of July.

Cutlery Holders 5


Table Linen

Delve into a sophisticated DIY activity.  Lay down white sheets and hand paint them. Draw designs that render a replication of the U.S.A flag pattern on their surface. Let the sheets dry. Utilize these later to cover the tables. Be a nice host and get the Independence Day party on!

Table Linen 6


Hoisting the Flags

If you want a simple yet classy looking table this 4th of July, then you can try a smart décor idea. Purchase miniature or toy American flags to decorate the tables. Place these into bottles and centerpieces. These accessories will make the area look exciting.

Hoisting the Flags 7


DIY Napkin Ribbon

You can also cut out craft paper of red, white and blue color into star shapes. String these to ribbons or colorful thread. Wrap table napkins with these readied ribbons to bring celebrative look of the Independence Day.

DIY Napkin Ribbon 8



A much more interesting DIY project will be to make U.S.A flag inspired candles. You can choose colorful wax of red, blue and white color and form a pillar candle. Otherwise, you can simply lay down red sponge balls in a glass and adjust a white start shaped craft items. Settle it on a blue colored tabletop to integrate patriotism.



Recycled Centerpiece

Repaint paper and plastic plates with the red, blue and white shades. Attach them together and stick flowers on their top. You can place these on breakfast nook tables and outdoor benches as centerpieces.

Recycled Centerpiece 10


Fabric Napkin Holder

Cut out faded blue jean pocket and stitch a velvet star shaped fabric piece on top. Place a white colored tablecloth on the underside. Here you have a wonderful American flag inspired napkin and cutlery holder ready.

Fabric Napkin Holder 11

So, with the above-mentioned accessories you can simply deliver a modern look to the tables this Independence Day.


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