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Guard your floor with natural supplies of Bamboo Shag Rugs

Dec 20th, 2011 By

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Why Bamboo Shag rugs are good for your home?

Bamboo is a natural source and can be harvested in two to five years and is used as a versatile substitute to decrease deforestation. It absorbs carbon dioxide and release more oxygen in the atmosphere than the trees. It is the fastest growing plant on the planet earth and needs no cultivation and planting. Bamboo rugs are attractive and can bring warmth into a room giving a sense of well-being.

Bamboo Shag Rugs lasts longer than other rugs because the fibers are very stronger as compared to other rugs and change atmosphere conditions. They are much softer and silkier than traditional shag rugs which are made with wool and synthetic fibers. The luxurious look and feel of these rugs is custom made and sometimes yarn blended with bamboo fiber. Each Bamboo Shag Rug is made with 80% bamboo and 20% cotton. These rugs give a natural look for your floors and are also available in different colors and designs. These rugs are eco friendly and are best choices for kitchens, bathrooms, stairs and floors .etc

Bamboo Shag Rugs have become more favorite among customers as they directly are welcomed from the nature and people trust blindly on this. Softer than wool and cotton, bamboo shag rugs have found interest in modern homes because of its uniqueness and good material.

 Comfort: Long bamboo shag rugs on floors is the best way to keep the surface comfortable  which gives warmth to hardwood and tiles. Its pleasant to walk on bare feet and can be combined  with your bedroom cushions and pullovers. The weight of the rug makes it less prone from skidding on the floor. They result best in the winter season and has a longer life span.

Beautifying your home: This type and style of rug is often seen in the late retro homes and since then people without hesitating are decking up their homes with these shag rugs. This gives an older look and are usually less expensive as compared to other shag rugs.

Materials : Bamboo Shag Rugs are available in a wide range of materials which include cotton, nylon, polyester and synthetics also. They are also available in bamboo fiber and stalks. They come in various colors and designs and patterns, depending on the shapes and sizes. Choose non fabric rugs as some are allergic and harmful to the family members.

 Cleaning and maintenance of the rug : However the rug is ,it requires more attention and with care.  Vacuuming the rug is a very good option as it removes maximum amount of dust and dirt from the rug. Blot spills with a solution of detergent mixed with a table spoon of vinegar .Dry it out in the hot sun not more than two hours as it may ruin the fibers of the rug. Wipe the edges properly as they are tough and hard to clean.


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