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Home Décor Crafts with Pistachio Shells

Feb 18th, 2013 By
Creative crafts can be made from different raw materials. Creative hands work out colorful crafts out of daily wastes. Here is a wonderful example of how you may use pistachio shells to make attractive crafts and home décor items. Here are a few beautiful examples which you may like to decorate your apartment with.

Pistachio Flowers

It is very easy to make flowers using pistachio shells. You simply need to color each of the pistachio shells. You can then arrange them like the petals of flowers. These look very colorful and attractive. You can make pistachio flowers in several different colors. You may even make a collection of these attractive flowers.

Pistachio Shell Vase Decoration

Vases are often used to add a touch of life to your home interiors. The vases may even be decorated. You may stick painted pistachio shells to decorate flower vases. These look impressive and also help you vent your creativity.

Candle Holders with Pistachio Shells

Candles help you illuminate your dinner table. Candles come in many sizes, shapes and variations. Each of these is beautiful. You can make an impressive candle stand using pistachio shells. These are impressive. You may even make these candle stands at home.

Wall Arts with Pistachio Shells

You can even use pistachio shells to make eye-catchy wall arts. Here is a cute example. The wall art is simple and made from pistachio shells. You should place in an area where it is visible to everyone. These wall arts can be used to decorate stairways and passageways.

Pistachio Shell Bugs

You may even use pistachio shells to make attractive bugs like this one. They are colorful and creative ways to decorate your apartment. The best part of these shells is it is easy to paint these.

Pistachio Shell Chandeliers

Chandeliers made from pistachio shells look very creative. You can use these chandeliers to add color to your ceilings. You may even use to beautify your bedrooms. It is very easy to make these even at home. You can include these among DIY home décor crafts.


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