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Home Décor Items from Old Umbrellas

Nov 6th, 2012 By
You can recycle many of the old household items to make crafts that are ideal to decorate homes. This will be a great use of the old home décor items. Here are a few mind boggling examples of how you can decorate homes with old umbrella crafts. You may try it in your house. You may even try out new crafts using old umbrellas.

Umbrella Handle Cloth Hooks

The old umbrella handles can be used to make racks to hang clothes. These usually have a stylish appearance and are ideal for modern modest homes.

Old Umbrella Chandeliers

The framework of the umbrella is very attractive. You may thus use the skeleton of the umbrella to make eye-pleasing umbrella chandeliers. These can add a touch of luxury and color to your home interiors.

Door Decor With Old Umbrellas

Doors have to look colorful and attractive to create a welcome appeal. You should thus decorate the doors. Wreaths are the common decorations used for doors. You may use old umbrellas to make attractive door decorations.

Home Decor Crafts With Umbrellas

You may even make crafts from old umbrellas. These crafts can be used to decorate your living rooms or passageways. Here is a unique black spider that can be a great option to decorate your apartment. You can even make it at home. You can find ways to make the DIY spider at hoe using old umbrellas.

Strollers Recycling Old Umbrellas

If you have colorful baby umbrellas which you wish to recycle, here is a wonderful option. You may recycle these umbrellas to make baby strollers. You must select colorful baby pink, lime yellow or sky blue umbrellas for this purpose. These are the colors which kids love most.

Why opt for Recycling?

If you are a responsible individual, you must opt for recycling whenever possible. There are many ways in which you can recycle household items to make home décor crafts. Here we have simply suggested a few ways to recycle umbrellas to make home décor crafts.

Here are a few major benefits of recycling:

    • Recycling ensures optimum use of resources.


    • You can reduce your expenses by making home décor crafts sitting at home.


    • It is a very simple way to give a vent to your creativity.


  • It can be your first step towards sustainable living.


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