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Home Decor Items with Coconut Shell

Nov 1st, 2012 By
You will be amazed to see the wide array of home décor items made from coconut shell. These are unique and eco-friendly. They do not have any adverse effect on the environment. Here are a few splendid examples of coconut shell home décor items.

Coconut Owl Table Décor

You can purchase this unique owl made from coconut shell. It is a very pretty table décor item. It can be a great centerpiece for your table.

Illuminate Table Tops With Coconut Candles

The best way to brighten your dining table in a natural way is to opt for coconut candles. They come in many distinct shapes like hibiscus and orchid.

Coconut Bowls

Coconut shells are colored to form attractive coconut bowls. These fulfill dual purpose as they are ideal kitchen décor and utensil.

Coconut Cups

These are stylish cups that are used to serve tea and coffee. These are eco-friendly and stylish.

Coconut Piggy Banks

You can gift your kids these unique piggy banks. They usually come in natural shades. They can be in the shape of animals.

Coconut Shell Lamps

If you want a lantern for your ceiling, opt for coconut shell lamp. This is simple and well carved. It can blend well with modern décor.

Coconut Wind Chimes

You can make these wind chimes even at home. These are ideal to decorate ceilings. They come in brown hues. It is a good way to beautify your ceiling.

Ornamental Coconut Containers

Containers made of coconut shell have metal moldings on the surface. These standout against simple home decorations used these days.

Coconut Soap Dispenser

You can even have some interesting accessories for your bathroom made from coconut shell. They are cool eco-friendly additions to your bath area.

Coconut Shell Flower Vase

Flower vases made from coconut shells are eco-friendly table décor. You may also use these vases to decorate your passageways. They are also ideal for patio décor.

Coconut Shell Planters

There are some unique planters made from coconut shells. You can use these to decorate your garden and balcony.


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