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Home Design that Salutes Patriotism this US Flag Day

Jun 4th, 2013 By

On June 14th 1777, United States gave birth to the Flag Day. This day signifies the patriotism in US states. The US flag was officially adopted this day. Every year, this date holds a great importance for the citizens. People go to parades and decorate their homes on this occasion. You can renovate your house this year by inviting the US flag print alive through accessories

Now, going to flag parade at Fairfield, Washington is not the only way that you can celebrate US Flag Day. You can seek accessories and home items that possess the colors and print patterns of the US flag to uplift the patriotism on June 14th this year. Today, modern living has taken a different turn.

Involving traditional ideas and giving it a unique twist can also inspire lots of homeowners and interior designers. Looking forward to the new age, seeking a home design that raises eyebrows is what people want. Below are fine examples on how US flag design can actually make your room look beautiful.

Wall Decal

Painting room walls with the colors of the US flag can be one of the options through which, one can celebrate the occasion on June 14th. But, an easier option will be to get the room walls enveloped with stickers of the US flag. Giving it a rustic or polished finish can better the look of the walls.

Wall Decal1


Storage Trunks

Enamel design of the US flag on trunks and storage bins can also look attractive. Such beautiful storage ideas can make a room look chic. These boxes can also settle well on the fireplace mantel as decorative pieces. You can select such miniature chests just for the purpose of home decoration.

Storage Trunks2



Choosing sofa, couch, bed covers that bear patterns visible on the US flag are another entertaining selection of seating. These couches and chairs can make a lounge or living area look urbane. Jazzy beanbags of this print can also sustain as an eye-catching addition to the kid’s room and other areas in the house.




Another idea of celebrating the US Flag Day can be an easy DIY project. You can paint dressers and other furniture with the colors present on this flag. One can even provide a resembling look of the flag by imprinting same emblem patterns on dressers.




A way out of the box yet needful addition to furniture and rooms can be pillows. These can look much more adorable, if you cover them with linen that posses the print of the US flag. Such accents can work pretty well for bedroom and recreation areas.




If you want to provide a touch of elegance to outdoors, then you can get a wreath that has the pattern of the US flag. You can simply hang these wreaths on garden walls, fences, windows and gates on June 14th. This idea is great to portray your love for the country.


So, you can ready your home for the US Flag Day this June 14th with the above-mentioned accessories and stay in step with the spirit of patriotism this month.


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