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How can you construct a Mantel Headboard?

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How can you use a fireplace innovatively in summers? Other than decorating it with jazzy fire screens and making space for storage, you can convert the mantel area into a bed headboard. Below are detailed steps to this DIY project that you can implement this summer

Mantel Headboard1


Getting the Decisions Right

According to the dimension of the wall space, decide on the size of the headboard and the mantel. Bring all the necessary tools, stickers, paint, accessories that will deck up the item. Affirm if the headboard will be the part of the bed or the wall. Be prepared with a rough sketch of design in your mind. Purchase the fabric needed to wrap up the panels before starting up this project. Search online for pattern ideas and unique shaped headboard options.

Remodeling a Mantel

First and the foremost, clean the mantel. Refurbish the structure by getting rid of moisture or extreme dryness. You may have to smoothen the surface by grazing it r provide a rough finish by adding grains. Use anti pest solutions to coat this piece. If there is stench, make sure the mantel smells fresh. Remove the molding and upholstery of it by using tools. Be careful as to not harm the body of mantel by scarring or chipping the surface.

Connect Base, Cleat

A mantel has base and pilasters as its leg. Connect both of these with help of a fine trim of wood or any other material. Now, the mantel will be a whole with no loose ends. Drill all the ends securely, so that the structure is firm. Attach the cleats of the mantel in the corners. This will allow you to affix the structure to the wall or bed later. The frame and cleats should be completed screwed together for a firmer construction.

Mantel Headboard2


Cut and Panel Tuft

Measure the panel and cut out the unnecessary part. Use colorful and patterned fabric to form upholstery on the mantel.  You can spray adhesive and then wrap the fabric on the surface of this piece. Now, you can tuft designs on the fabric. There are many types of weaving patterns to consider. Geometric, modern, animal print, abstract and traditional motifs can be great choices. Cut the edge of the extra fabric and staple the ends or simply glue these together.

Converting into Headboard

Hide the nails with an overcast fabric and provide the final finish to mantel. Now, that the mantel looks fit to be mounted as headboard, you have to perform few more tasks. Make sure that the headboard to be does not have any superficial injuries due to the project. Let the paint dry, if you have dyed the mantel. Once, the structure id dry, you can use it to settle on the top of the bed affix it to bed with nails and screws. Otherwise, you can make the headboard part of the wall.

Adhering to above-mentioned steps would help you to recreate a mantel region into a bed headboard this summer.


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