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How to Beautify Natural Bathroom this summer?

Jul 10th, 2013 By

Delivering natural look to bathroom interiors this summer is an incredible idea. You can update this area with many accessories. Choose eco-friendly items to update these nooks. Right from the walls to the floors, all the elements should be nature friendly. This way, you can welcome green living right into the shower room. These days, many people prefer this kind of design idea for home interiors.

These days, there is a rave of eco-friendly décor for home interiors. Be it garden or porch, decorating outdoors naturally is a unique style statement. So, why leave out your bathroom? This summer you can choose items that are made from natural materials to update shower rooms.  Here are some items that you can add to bath interiors to treat it naturally.

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Nautical Mirrors

Summer is a season that reflects sunny days and beach holidays. You can bring summer outdoors right in your shower room. Use aquatic theme as style idea for the bathrooms. Mirror frames displaying shells and coral pieces can look attractive. You can use these mirror frames to match the backsplash here.

Twig Dispensers

Recycled twigs and branches can be converted into tissue dispensers. You can also get similar dispensers for soap, face and hand wash. Etched out patterns and dark finish can make these dispensers look cute. Utilize these to beautify windowsills and bathtub areas. Odd shaped ones can help in updating vanity sinks and countertops.

Wood Bathtubs

Ceramic, clay and other eco-friendly materials are perfect to build bathtubs. However, one can even use recycled wood bathtubs to decorate shower rooms. Complement this accessory with vanity wood items. A seating space containing wooden furniture can be another unique beautification idea.

Cane Storage Boxes

Purchase cane storage boxes to stylize shower room. These are durable and ideal for summer season. Cane can resist leaks, water stains for a long time. These are light-weighted and easy to move from one place to another. To reduce the clutter, these boxes are best. Place these under the racks and organize these spaces well.

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Wall Garden

Build a topiary garden on the bathroom walls. This idea is great to bring in ecofriendly look in this area. Choose flower planters, climbers and vines to create a fine backsplash here. Use this décor style to construct excellent outdoor shower rooms. This is a good way of bringing in summer effect in bath interiors.

Stone Towel Hooks

You can upcycle pebbles and stones as wall hooks. Hand-paint the stones to reflect natural beauty. Affix these to the shower room walls and cabinets. Use these as towel holders. One can even hang accessories and other accents from these inventive hooks.

Bamboo Blinds

You can install bamboo blinds and shutters on bath windows. Shutters can invite outside breeze in home. These also provide outdoor view. You can choose bamboo roman blinds or roll out blinds for complete privacy. Drape the windows with thin bamboo sheet curtains.

Fruity Potpourri

Mix together fruits of summer to build scented potpourri for the bath area. Blend in fragrant herbs and spices to recreate the ambiance for better. Place the bowl of potpourri near bathtub or the shower. You can also adjust these on windowsills and floors.

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Teak Furniture

Different types of wood furniture are available these days. Birch, bamboo, cane and teak furniture are great for eco-friendly bath interiors. Cabinets, shelves, racks, storage chests and nightstands made from teak can treat the shower room in a natural way.

Pot Plants

Induce some quirky designed pot plants in shower room. These will bring freshness to the areas. Choose climbers and cactus plants to diversify the look of these nooks. Make use of flowery plants to grant colorful appearance to the surroundings.

Brick Tiles

Another way of depicting your love for earth is to decorate the shower interiors with brick tiles. These can lien the walls and floors. Clay, ceramic and stone tiles are other options that you can try. A blue and turquoise themed nook can look great with bold brick tiles.

Coral Chandeliers

Exotic in appearance, coral chandeliers can be expensive. However, these are natural, hence preferred to brighten shower room interiors. You can choose the white or colorful coral lights to bring amazing illumination to life in here. Such chandeliers can also look great in outdoor bathrooms.

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Cork Mats

You can use old wood wine corks and construct bath mats. These are great in protecting floors from stains and water leaks. Moreover, these are nor slippery. Incidence of accidents can reduce with the usage of cork mats as covering for the floors. Complement these with green plants and eco-friendly curtains. Together, these accents will uplift the element of design in shower rooms.

Rock Basin

Sculpted rock basins are amazing addition to bathrooms. They are strong and do not chip easily. These are also fire resistant. You can utilize these to decorate traditional themed shower areas. Such basins can suit outdoor areas. Fix these to countertops, bathtub region or just next to storage chests. These are ideal for transitional and southwestern themed home interiors.

Beeswax Candles

To brighten the bath interiors in the evenings and nights, utilize natural beeswax candles. These will look eye catchy near the shower region. You can beautify the bathtub with floating candles and rose petals to induce romantic ambiance. Provide a spa themed effect to these areas with fragrant flower shaped candles and tea lights. Beeswax candles of summer colors can infuse joy in these areas.

Straw Accessory Tray

To modernize bath interiors, you can display shower room accessories on trays. This will also help to keep the countertop of these areas free of seeping water. You can make straw trays for the same purpose. Place varied accents on the tray to integrate beauty in bathrooms. Use this as a centerpiece to bring magnificent look to these nooks.

With the above displayed bath accessories, you can bring eco-friendly theme to shower rooms. Use several of these items together to usher in stylish look to these spaces.


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