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How To Blend Rugs With Room’s Décor

Mar 19th, 2013 By

The selection of rugs can truly be challenging. You have to select area rugs that match the room’s décor perfectly. The rug designs should match the designs used to decorate the room. Here are some great examples of rugs that match the décor of the room.

Modern Geometric Pattern Rug

Here is a unique looking geometric pattern rug. The rug perfectly matches the cushions used in the room. This helps the visual flow and makes the room appear appealing.

The rug used in the room is an attractive contemporary area rug. The pattern on the rug is a geometric pattern. It has a hexagonal pattern evenly spaced. The hexagons are all blue colored with a thick border of a different shade.


Modern Purple Area Rugs

Here is a purple dining room. You must use a matching rug to cover the floors of these rooms. Make sure you choose a rug that perfectly matches the dining room.

The rug used in this dining room is a purple contemporary rug. The rug has two or more shades which make the appearance of the rug attractive.

Stylish Contemporary Rug

Here is a simple looking living room. It has attractive brown furniture which looks simple and elegant. You may use a brown rug to perfectly match the décor. The rug has to be maintained clean and intact so that it continues to look attractive.

The rug used here is a contemporary rug with an attractive abstract pattern. The pattern uses different shades of brown. The rug looks truly impressive.

Modern Floral Area Rug

Here is a vibrant looking modern living room. It has a magenta sofa set. The living room looks richly furnished. The walls are decorated with attractive wall arts. A colorful rug will add to the beauty of the room. You can use floral themed rugs to decorate living rooms.

Here is an exquisite modern floral area rug. The rug has a brown colored body while the pattern is a floral pattern. The pattern stands out against plain looking floors.


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