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How to Bring Lounge Effect in Bathrooms?

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Be it contemporary or traditional styled bathroom, you can enrich this space with glam factor. Bringing in a lounge effect in washrooms is an exceptional idea, if you want to stay up with the trends. Here are some useful tips that will help you to convert a bath area into a chic lounge oriented space


A lounge style restroom can reflect simple layout or a sophisticated one. Make sure that the zone is free of clutter. Seating area should be separate from the storage and bathing region. Inculcating a recreational zone can be an added advantage. Vast washrooms can be appropriate to induce home bar and some more features to bring quirky look. Rectangular or round shaped floor are the best to highlight entertaining space for lounge bathrooms.

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  • Restore cool ambience with well-organized layout. Space out the accessories in a rack and toiletries in a dresser or perhaps a vanity cabinet.
  • Bathtub can become the focus of a washroom or a corner nook accent. If you are infusing a swimming pool, make sure that it does not collide with the free space.
  • Wall, floors and ceiling should be symmetrical to complement the mood of the region. The layout of lounge restroom should be well planned and clean so that it is conducive to people’s interest.


To invite casual look in your lounge themed bathroom, a cozy seating space is very important. You may consider few lounge chairs, beanbag, floor beds and throw pillows to beautify the area. Recessed seating inside the bathtub or in the corner of the washroom can also incite loveliness. A dose of cute stools and upholsteries can also usher in necessary charm. Integrated shower furniture in bubble bath can add to the leisure factor here.

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  • Cane chairs, bamboo coffee tables and wood furniture can highlight natural lounge seating ideas. Recliner chairs, smooth granite niches for seating are two other options.
  • A long bench with an overhead umbrella shelter can bring panache to the area. Painted cushion covers or frilled lacings can make such furniture look gaudy.
  • Plush mini beds, upcyled storage box stools and recycled wood plank cabinets can grant contemporary appearance to the washroom.



Entrancing lighting can help uplift the mood of a lounge bathroom. Dimmers, jar light bulbs, exotic scented candles and flickering neon lamps can deliver the right illumination to the area. Choose lava lamps, floor lights and solar brick lamps to grace an outdoor washroom cum lounge spa. Garland of cluster bulbs and spotlights can also recreate the appearance of washrooms. Use recessed lighting to build romantic effect in the restroom.

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  • To illuminate lounge bathroom, minimal lighting options like an overhead chandelier, table lamp and a nightstand lantern can do the trick.
  • Install sculpture lights in wall niches to act as decorative accents and illumination choices. Line the floor with different shaped candles or flower shaped candles to revitalize the appearance of washroom.
  • Colorful pendant lamps, disco lights and a small fireplace can also help to illuminate lounge styled bath areas.


Vanity Solutions

Beautiful furniture additions that bring functionality can upgrade the style of lounge restrooms. Bathroom vanities help in balancing out the features of the area. A nice storage cabinet, shelf, rack and chest for accessories can keep this space organized. Vanity sinks and bathtubs add modern appeal to lounges. Chic mirrors with ornate frames can further decorate walls and surfaces.

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  • Wall vanities can save a lot of space, which in turn will reduce the clutter. Niche area vanities can also be quite handy in keeping the washroom tidy and clean.
  • Carved wood vanities work great for formal bath areas. To invite in lounge appeal, you can polish these vanities to grant shiny and sleek look for their surface.
  • Bathroom vanities like pull up drawers, folded racks, wall sconces, underside sink cabinets and storage chests, if well placed, can revamp the area nicely.


Bathtub Ideas

Bathtubs are the main attraction of bathroom. To welcome lounge themed appearance, designer patterns for the bathtubs can be excellent choices. Floor affixed and steamy bubble bathtubs can be wonderful options. Whirlpool, shower, recessed and Bohemian style bathtubs are perfect to induce lounge effect in washrooms.

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  • A swimming pool combined with bathtub can provide magnificent look to outdoor washrooms. To grace the area further, modular steps leading to the tub can also look enticing.
  • A mixture of traditional and modern design in bathroom can be explored with rustic finished bathtubs made from wood and stone material.
  • Indented floor bathtubs are in trend for lounges. So, you can get it for your bathroom for a perfect lush feel.


Style Revolution

These days, vast bathrooms with open layout are quite popular. Along with seating arrangement, presence of decorative accents graces the washrooms quite well. This provides such areas a lounge look. Sometimes outdoor restrooms have a scenic landscape in the front to render country appeal. Similarly, new style trends in bathrooms also reflect ornamental embellishments with vintage and retro effect.

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  • Spreading scented flowers on the floor and bathtub is a simple yet stylish way of beautifying lounge themed bathrooms. Scented potpourri along can also deliver a punch of wonderfulness.
  • Affix cute wall sconces and paintings on the wall and drape lace shower curtains in the space to bring forward a positive look of a lounge in washrooms.
  • Use fashionable animal prints, designer furniture and well sculpted accessories to beautify the nooks in restrooms.


Decorative Accents

Plaster the walls with floral decals. Wrap the walls with amazing carpets and tapestries. Miniature sculptures and figurines can deck up the shelves of lounge styled bathrooms. To make use of dead space efficiently, install LED lights and mosaic tile backsplashes. Arrange the towels and other toiletries well on racks to complement neatness in the area.

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  • Animal shaped canisters and dispensers, natural bamboo tissue boxes, soap potpourri and murals will increase the value of these spaces.
  • Printed and colorful switch plates and plugs with wire capsules can keep the area tidy and good looking.
  • Oriental and modern accessories like paper fans, Feng Shui and craft items combined together can look quite heartwarming in lounge themed bathrooms.


Technological Inputs

A technologically advanced bathroom designs helps in providing comfort to people. Imagine taking a hot shower whenever you want by adjusting water temperature at ease while enjoying your favorite song as you bathe. On the other hand, just taking a nap on warm chair or bed while getting a smoky back massage in a recliner, may also sound relaxing.

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  • An LCD player installed on wall niche along with speakers can provide an all-round club effect in your bathroom. You can plug and play the programs and songs you like while taking bath.
  • Tiles that change color with varying temperature, hot steam showers and bubbling froth bathtubs are some other quirky additions.
  • Install a mini refrigerator and a thermostat in washrooms. So, you can sip cool drinks and just stretch out cozily.

The above-mentioned tips will help in converting a simple bathroom into a lovely lounge themed area with modern amenities. You can consider combining such ideas and redefining a washroom design this season.

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