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How to Choose Wisely Decorative Curtain Rods

May 31st, 2013 By

Does it sound vague on the mention of curtain rods when you have thought to pep up your home decor? Maybe, after all these rods are simply in use to string drapes and curtains, while they themselves lay in the background and the curtains take the center stage.
One may reason, as to why waste one’s energy and effort over something, which at the end of the day serves no significant purpose and goes unnoticed. Technically, a curtain rod’s sole purpose is to help hang curtains and nothing else. Nevertheless, perceptions have changed. Today, they have come to the forefront of serving as complement to curtains and drapes, a standing testimony of skill and creativity and serving as an accessory in a home decor.

Take a Closer Look

Curtain rods have evolved from mere wooden sticks to work of art. These rods are commonly hand-made, crafted with several decorations both elegant and stylish. They are available in multiple materials such as metal and wood. With the passing of time, curtain rods have become popular due to their flexibility in designs. Even a simple-plain curtain graces beauty when teemed with a suitable rod. To help bring forth charm and beauty to your windows and doors try implementing decorative curtain rods to your home decor. Here are few tips listed for you to follow on choosing wisely a decorative curtain rod.

Take a Closer Look 1


The Basics

First, inspect the type as well size of the doors and windows you want to hang curtains on. For this, you may have to take measurements for each one of them. Five inches in length, this is a suitable measurement for the rod to have the entire window draped consistently. Do not forget to measure each part of the frame where a curtain is to be mounted. It is very important to have the right size; this will save both time and energy on your side and keep you from unnecessary visits to the store.

The Basics 2


Selective Curtains

Always choose a curtain rod based on the curtains you intend to use. A thumb rule here is that both, the curtain and the rod must complement each other. Get that wrong and you will spoil the entire visual appeal, which could otherwise be distinct and attractive. Two crucial factors need your attention when pairing curtains and rods. First, always pair a simple designed curtain with an equally simple looking rod and avoid installing flashy ones. Second, while purchasing curtain rods maintain a contrast between it and the curtains.

Selective Curtains 3


Sturdy Rods

Many curtains tend to be heavy, so make sure that the rods you buy are strong enough to bear their weight proportionately or else they may droop, giving your doors and windows an ugly look. An effective way to provide a firm support at the center of the rod is by use of brackets.

Sturdy Rods 4


On Budget

Bear in mind that curtain rods are made of different materials such as wood, steel, wrought iron, etc. many of these being high quality in nature; therefore, they prove to be expensive. You may preferably opt for plastic curtain rods which are comparatively economical. There is a wide variety of rods available in the market today, giving you unlimited options. So choose wisely!

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