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How to Create Spring Potpourri?

Apr 28th, 2013 By

Spring is a season when nature blooms. The natural elements are in abundance. Flowers, fruits, trees and other materials are freely available. So, you can make use of these elements in houses as accents. Create a spring potpourri and deliver a wonderful ambiance in home interiors and outdoors. These items look pleasing to the eyes and can appeal to your mood, if they are scented
Are you looking out for a few accessories to decorate the home this spring season? Now, you can use natural materials to update your rooms. Spring potpourri is an exceptional choice to remodel a space. These are easily available online. But, one can even make such an accessory themselves. Below are a few steps on how to achieve this task.

Choose the Materials

There are different materials you can choose for the potpourri. Flowers, herbs, spices, fruits, scented sticks and other materials are used in making a potpourri. One can make a pick of the items that they need in this accessory. Dried colorful scented leaves can also be superb ingredients.

Mix the Elements

The next step will be to mix all these ingredients together. This will allow the essence of the materials to mingle together. Moreover, it will create a colorful mix of all natural elements. This is when potpourri comes into existence. You may mix the elements by hand. Wear gloves prior to performing this task. This will prevent the smell of the materials from affecting your hands.

Get an Eco Friendly Bowl

To live up with green living and spring theme in home, you can get a natural material bowl to store the potpourri. Sometimes, these bowls can even be made from the same potpourri elements. Clean the bowl well so that there is no wetness in it. Put all the mixed materials in this bowl carefully.

Add Scented Oil

Use scented oils to grant fragrance to the potpourri. Utilize the essence that appeals to your senses. Rosewood, lavender, sandalwood, ripe fruits, herbs and spice oils can smell lovely. So, after adding the materials, oils and other necessary items in potpourri, you have this accent ready for use.

Where you can Place it?

  • Spring potpourri can look great on coffee tables in the living room and outdoor seating area. These help in bringing a relaxed feel in the surroundings.
  • These may even suit wedding occasions as centerpieces on the dining tables and other surfaces. These act as pep up accent for such events.
  • Scented rose petal and flower potpourri can be a nice pick for bedroom interiors. These can induce romantic mood in this area. You can also use these in guest rooms.
  • One can even decorate their kitchen and bath area with spring potpourri. These are best in delivering an incredible makeover to these areas. Such accessories do away with dullness in these spaces.
  • Colorful potpourri can look the best in kid’s rooms. These will also keep the room environment free of any unpleasant smell.
  • Consider spring potpourri in gardens and other outdoor areas. Seating space on the porch and patio can look better with these accessories.

So, the above-mentioned steps can help you to make a potpourri without much of an effort.


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