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How to Creatively Use Wall Niches?

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When you buy a house, the rooms, location and neighborhood are some of the factors to look into. But, as you start decorating the house and making yourself at home, certain more needs can arise. A lack of storage space may be felt because of less cabinets and furniture necessary for the same. However, wall niches are areas that can be an efficient solution to add storage and decorative look to your home. Let us know how wall niches prove to be beneficial

What is that recessed space in the wall of your room? Oh such a useless dead spot, you may think. Why would people even want to waste in constructing a niche area in homes? If you are not familiar with how to use wall niches creatively, these questions may come in your mind. Here are some unique ways that will explore the possibilities of such places.


Wall Niche- Effective Means of Storage

An aesthetically sound home will always have fine storage. Organized looking interiors are a key to increase the appeal of spaces. Here is how wall niches can help provide storage room for different areas.

1) Bathroom: An unorganized restroom is often a sore spot in home. When your guests go for a wash, you would not want to greet them with falling of soap pods and towels. In fact, you can undo the clutter by making a storage space for all the necessary items here. Wall niches can be one of the areas to install shelves. You can even create a rack here to stack towels, clothes and other accessories. Add few pot plants here to bring in the green effect.

bathroom 1

2) Pantry: Kitchen is one of the busiest areas in home. Be it an outdoor or indoor cooking space, one needs ample storage to stack cutleries and other necessaries.  Pantry is a great option to create an organized space in kitchen. It can be an attached or an individual cellar type room where you can store grains and food items along with utensils. If you have a wall niche in your kitchen, convert it into a beautiful pantry.

pantry 2

3) Living Room Console: The hub of social gathering in all homes, living room, is a space that requires a lot of attention when it comes to aesthetics. As this area is the focal point in houses, you have to make sure it looks neat and good. Tripping and uncovered wires with strewn electronic items and gadgets can be dangerous in causing accidents. It may even render the living room an ugly look. So, if you have a wall niche here, use it to arrange television, music system and other electronics.

living room3 

4) Dresser: Be it bedroom or your teen daughter’s boudoir, dresser is an integral part of storage. A dresser helps in reducing clutter in a room. Now, rather than spending huge amount on buying designer dressers, you can simply utilize an empty wall niche. Upgrade it with side panels and add a door to give it a chic look. You may store jewelries, make-up items and other things in a systematic way here without consuming much space in the room.

dresser 4

5) Cabinetry: Not pertaining to any room, cabinetry space can be created anywhere. When you have a wall niche enabled in home, you can use it as a storage space for many different purposes. In home office and library, one can line up books, important documents and files tidily here on shelves. You can even use this area as a backup store in basement or cellars. Sometimes wall niche cabinetries can grace passageways and hallways excellently. A closed cabinetry like this in home bar is capable enough to hold beverages.

cabinetry 5


Display Decorative Items

Wall niches are incredible areas to bring decorative items to light. These add show to different rooms and the entryways. Hence, here are few suggestions to help you know how to use these spaces to highlight pretty things.

1) Memory Wall: To induce quirkiness to home interiors, you may add a memory wall. This portrays the items and things that you cherish. Generally, people love to display stuffs here that help them remember the bittersweet times. So, photographs, gifts, tokens from loved ones and childhood collectibles are few of the decorative stuffs one may stock here. Wall niche can be sustainable space as a memory wall. These areas can hold lot many more items without making the room look suffocated.

memory wall 6

2) Fireplace Mantel: A wall niche at fireplace mantel is a best area to display decorative items that you like. You can create a center of attraction in living room and other areas with antiques, lighting and heirlooms lining up the ledge of wall niches here. Sometimes, such spaces can be used to store the fuel logs required for the fireplace. At other times, it can be reused as a mini bar or a recreational space.

fireplace 7

3) Hobby and Craft Ideas: In a recreation space like hobby and craft room, wall niches can work magic with not just storage space, but a lot more. As craft and hobby rooms generally house colorful and DIY items, wall niches can be used as a space to display these objects of interests. It will add to the beauty of such spaces. Utilize this area to store spools, linen, scissors and other accessories. These places are often more of an interest to kids, so you may use more colorful objects for decoration.

hobby and craft 8

4) Reading Nook: Be it small reading nook or a large one, wall niches can bring the necessary charm to such areas. You can display the books in order here without the fear of running the look of the place. Perhaps you may want to paint, temper, embed or engrave wall niche here provide some design patterns. For a formal reading nook, you can galvanize the area with polished wood and stone structures.

reading hook

Hence, we now know that wall niches are not dead spaces. These can be utilized for storage areas in different rooms. Such places can also house decorative items and lot more. Therefore, you can add personal touch to these nooks anytime and bring a unique meaning to home interiors.

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