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How to Fix the Edges of your Rug?

Feb 10th, 2013 By

A rug instills elegance and beauty in a room. However, the sight of frayed and loosened edges of a rug is quite irritating. It greatly reduces the lifespan of your rug. Do not worry, as there are some effective ways to fix the loosened or frayed edges of your rug

Before you start the fixing process, make sure that you have a good vacuum cleaner, fabric pen and a pair of scissors.
Further, there is no need to have practical training or experience to conclude this particular repair work. You just need to spare out a few hours to fix the edges of your rug. You might need to devote some additional time for repairing the frayed edges, which are more than three inches. So buck up yourself for an exciting DIY job to repair your rug edges and keep intact the charm and essence of your rug for a real long time.

  • Firstly, you ought to perform an extensive rug cleaning procedure prior to starting with the repair work for your rug edges. Deep cleaning of the rug lifts frayed and loose fibers that make them easy to find and fix.
  • Inspect the edges of your rug and decide all the edges that you must fix. Here, you can use the scissors to clip off the long threads. Slice them short, but make sure that you do not damage the adjacent fibers while clipping the threads.
  • Maintain the consistency of color and choose a fabric pen that has similar color dye as that of the rug’s edge. For restoring the color, you need to repeatedly press the pen’s point against the worn out edges of your rug.
  • Curb the risks of fiber damage with the help of glue spray. Make use of a painter’s tape for covering the areas adjoining the fixed edge of your rug.
  • Hold the can of glue spray in a vertical position and gently spray the coat of glue on the edges that you just fixed. The glue will affix the fibers of your rug and prevent further fraying or loosening. Get rid of the painter’s tape once you are done with spraying. The rug might accept the foot traffic again when the glue dries up.

Some Tips and Warnings:

  • Turn the rug frequently for reducing the wear and tear that may result from the foot traffic
  • Note that spray glue is a flammable thing and thus avoid using it nearby an open flame.


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