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How to Incorporate Different Room Dividers

May 31st, 2013 By

How does one optimize their living space irrespective of the volumes available? One of the finest ways to make the most of your space is through incorporating room dividers into your home. Regardless of the purpose, you may have for it. A room divider is highly practical and effective in a home decor.

A room divider can serve multiple functions. A vital role is to make a room appear larger by dividing it into specific parts. You may use a divider for creating extra personal space, storage room, sleeping area and a mini office too. There are practical for both adults and children’s room. Now depending on the purpose you intend to use, the form of divider you select will vary. One may choose colorful dividers to perk up interiors. Below are four different types of dividers to use for decoration and practical purposes.

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Create a ‘My Zone’ with Curtains

A most common form to divide a room is through use of curtains. All you need to do is fix a strong pole, preferably made of metal on an elevated point of two parallel walls. Hang the curtain via rings, which will enable you to draw it effortlessly. You may use thick or translucent curtains for the purpose. In case of living in a small space and utilizing rooms for numerous purposes, you may use curtains to help differentiate parts of a room for specific uses.

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Accentuate Moods with Single Panels

A flat panel is the second most used type of divider. These usually consist of a single panel that stands on two feet. The frame is made of wood, while for the center of the framework you may go select material of your choice, rice paper screen being one of the popular ones. One way to accentuate your space is by placing this type of divider against a wall, which is preferably bare. See the textures unfold and complement the wall as well as your room.

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Declutter and Increase Efficiency with Bookshelves

Shelves, especially a bookshelf is an innovative way to make effective use of space in a living room. Nevertheless, it is important to note that a bookshelf acting as a divider while being huge and heavy will not have freedom of movement, making it fixed division. Integrating storage into a streamlined room design is a challenge. Therefore, shelves are best solutions as dividers as these accentuate the look of a space while containing practical storage space too. Overall, this contributes to a room with a blend of form and function.

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Privatize with Folding Screens

Folding dividers consist of three to four panels connected to each other through use of hinges. As repeatedly shown, these types of room dividers are in use to provide personal space. You will mostly find them in use for changing clothes. Besides making up for a beautiful accent to your bedroom, it adds a feeling of security too. It is an effective means to create a concealed dressing space and a partition that blocks away the area from view.

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