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How to Lace Home with String Art?

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Ribbon and fabric accents were prevalent since the era of vintage decor. However, revolution in interior decoration has brought forward many innovative crafts that one can make effortlessly. String art is such craft idea that can help any person to turn a dull space into an enticing region. Here is a guide to learn the art of stringing objects and utilization of such accents in home decor
Settled amongst this autumn is the beginning of many festivities, which will call for renovation of home interiors. String art is a popular selection by DIY fanatics and interior decorators. Here is how to do stringing and their application in room design.

Learn How to Begin Stringing?

String art is growlingly a popular choice for DIY lovers. Easy and compatible for any home décor, here is a brief on how you can learn this skill with few simple steps.

Tools Required

  • Ice Pick with narrow pointed end
  • Lots of Linoleum nails (11/16”)Temporary glue or sticky tape
  • Design cutout
  • Colorful Strings
  • Hammer
  • Wooden Canvas
  • Scissors

Step 1
Lay down the wooden canvas, paint it over, if you wish to, and let it dry. Get a print out of desired design on page and affix it on the canvas with help of sticky tape or temporary glue.

Step 2
Punch mark points, not over the paper by placing ice pick and hammering its head on the canvas, around the cutout design. Now, dig linoleum nails into the holes. Make sure that you leave a half-inch gap between every nail.

String art 1

Step 3
Remove the cutout gently. You will see the nails now being an outline of this pattern. Bring the string spool and begin looping or cross stitching the stand along nails. Make intricate hooks and zigzag patterns with string between nails. Go on with this activity, until you have all the nails covered and design completely stringed.

Step 4
Dust off the canvas of any residue and use soft brush to rub over the string art to take out any debris. Now, you can mount this accent on any space and enjoy its beauty.


Using String Art in Home Design

Rookies, who take interest in DIY project, if not professionals, can also perform this art. As autumn is on, there are many festivities to come. Halloween and Thanksgiving are prominent, besides seasonal weddings. Utilizing this décor idea creatively in room design can be great to magnify the theme and look of an area. Be it indoors or outdoor, stringed accents are compatible for any spaces.

String art 2

One can recreate the mood of home interiors by building sophisticated memory walls with these items on photo frames. Another way to invite such jazzy accents is to convert these into decorative wall hooks. Mount stringed scenery painting in kid’s room or living area to attractive attention of people. You can do many such experiments. Here are some examples to look into.

Simple yet eye catchy, monograms are great to decorate homes during occasions. You can spell out any letter or quote with these accents. Consider stringing monograms on painted canvases, and affix these on walls at fireplace mantel areas. These can also look great on book covers, wooden shelves, photo frames cabinets, and tapestries.

String art 3

Create a modern backsplash for bedroom and kitchen with stringed monograms spelling your name and that of food items, respectively. Similarly, colorful monograms of this kind can also appear cool in outdoors on tress, pergolas, sheds and tabletops or in the seating area coffee table. Wrap an entire room wall with these items on birthdays and parties.

Wedding Decor
String a cutout design of heart and ‘love’ with red fabric strands. Use these canvases to decorate the wedding altar and seating areas. These can also go well with the dinner table decoration for the after party. Beautify these canvases further with favorite flowers of bride and bridegroom. Build string art on tablecloth and nearby tress around, if wedding is set in outdoors.

String Art 4

Such items can also act as nice gift tokens in celebrating valentine day and wedding anniversaries. Recycled string art on reclaimed wood can also serve well for ecofriendly home décor. Beautify wedding placards, ribbons, fabrics, curtains, furniture and entryway to venue with this type of art. Add a dose of quirkiness with sequins and sparkles.

Interior and Outdoor Design
Grace rooms with sculpture oriented string art. You can create sketches, figurines and sculptures of animals, people and monuments. If you are a pro in this skill, making large sculptures on frames can prove to be fine decorative item. Choose to revamp furniture, passageways and doors with toy stuffing with stringed surfaces.

String art 5

Beautify outdoors with colorful string arts. Especially, choose this kind of idea for gates, fences, benches, and fountains. Please guests with stringed pathways and pots to improve appeal of décor on the home exteriors. Balustrades, pick fences and porch can bear examples of such accessories. Such carpets are also available online, or you can simply DIY these flooring covers.

Hence, you can use the above-mentioned string art accessories to beautify different spaces. It is simple to make and has functional uses. So, one can create attractive accents from this skill idea and decorate home inexpensively.


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