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How to Make an Area Rug Live For Ages with You?

Dec 14th, 2011 By

Area rugs play an important role in dressing up your flooring in a very elegant manner. These rugs are made in a very minute manner by using natural fibers hence needs to be taken care of in a very proper manner. We all have the habit of cleaning our place after every two to three days same goes with area rugs you need to clean it after three days which may make it appear new and original for decades.

The cleaning and maintaining of the area rug is one of the easiest tasks the following are the tips which may help you in cleaning any type of area rug.

  • Use of vacuum cleaner: area rugs easily get draped up in dust particles which can be removed in a very gentle manner by using vacuum cleaner. See to it that the vacuuming is done frequently which may make the rug clean and tidy. Customers can clean their area rug using vacuum cleaner at least once in a week which may help the rug regain its unique appeal.
  • If by mistake you drop any type of liquid substance like water or milk over the rug see to it that you clean it up there and then. One of the crucial things which need to be taken into consideration is see to it that you don’t spill any type of sticky substance over the rug as it may generate permanent stains over the rug.
  • Get it cleaned by professionals: there are professional cleaners who are especially there for you to clean your rug after a specific period of time depending on the traffic. If you have kids, pets at your place see to it that the area rug is been cleaned by the professionals after every 6 to 18 months.
  • Rug pads: never ever forget to place a rug pad or anti slip rug pads when you buy an area rug.  As it playing an important role for the rug from shifting from the place where it’s been placed. Area rugs tend to secrete substances which get accumulated over the floor hence rug pads are placed under the area rug which protects the flooring from getting destroyed by stick substances released by the rug.
  • Change the interior setting: try changing the furniture, accessories arrangement inside the room or house after a specific period of time which may allow the traffic inside to flow in a very peaceful manner.
  • Keep the rug away from sunlight: area rug tend to fad when they come in contact with sunlight hence keep it away from the sunrays by decorating the window pales with window blinds and shutters.
  • Make the rug free from insects: apply insect spray over your area rug to keep the rug free from tiny creatures and bed bugs.

If you follow the above mentioned steps in a proper manner no doubt that your area rug will be your companion for longer period of time.


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