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How to Make your Attic Look Clean?

Nov 1st, 2012 By
Your home attic may need some cleaning over time. This is one of the most neglected spaces in a house. But you also cannot avoid this region for long. Otherwise, it will spoil the décor of your house. You certainly will not want your guests to face dust and dirt coming from your attic. Look into some home improvement methods to deal with attic muck

Steps to Clean Attic

You need to climb up the stairs to reach attic. Some of the attic has a step down ladder installed. If you do not have this system, then you can use an individual ladder for this purpose. Carry your tool kit and put a mask on your face to prevent inhalation of poisonous and stuffy air there. It is better that you wear your work gear clothes and gloves to protect yourself.

You can carry a mop and brush to wash and dust the floor of your attic. You can also vacuum the dirt beforehand. You may ask for a friend or family member to help in this task. You may need to change the dirty water with fresh one from time to time. If you have a large attic, then you can also hose down the muck here. It is better to install drainage here so that the bad water can be directed outdoors.

After you done scrubbing and washing the floors, it is time to declutter the space. You should keep enough space in attic for people to reach and walk around here. You can store the belongings here in neat boxes. You can label these boxes for your convenience. Push these boxes at one side. This will allow spaciousness in the middle of your attic.

Pest infestation or animal entering and making home in attic is common in attic. You may find rats, squirrels or pigeons and other creatures in attic. You need to take them out. You have to also clear out their droppings. You have to be careful while performing this job. You may also require some additional helpers here.

How to Personalize your Attic?

As winter is approaching, you need to properly insulate your attic as well. This will prevent heat loss. It will also manage the temperature indoors. You can caulk the cracks and put in insulating material wherever necessary. Even now in autumn season, there are chances of warm winds blowing inside from attic. So, it is necessary to seal the cracks in your attic after the clean up.

After the whole cleanup process, you can make a room in your attic as well. Put in some sleeping mats and ground bed. You can also decorate it few minimalist décor items. Remember that you should not clutter this space much. Get your most important necessities here and you can build a living space here quite easily.


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