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How to reduce flaking of rug??

Feb 6th, 2012 By

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Area Rugs are the premium piece of art which are woven excellently thereby pleasing ones eye instantly. Whether its tiled surface or hardwood floor they easily bequeath stunning look to any tedious atmosphere. They are flexible, durable and available fitting your budget. Parting all these, Procuring or purchasing a rug is not one you need to end up with!! Very well said by someone “prevention is better than healing”!!  Why does it happen many-a- time that your area rug starts flaking??  Is it because your rug is cheap or the reason is your despicable fabric?? In such cases how can you prevent your rug from shedding??

Shedding or predicament is often seen in many rugs but it is important to know why it happens?

Generally, flaking of rug causes because of two main reasons. They are:

  • Quality or fiber of rug
  • Way of Constructing a rug

Quality or fiber of rug: Normally, rugs are made up of two materials i.e. synthetic fiber and natural fiber which on the whole include nylon, silk, propylene, cotton, wool, acrylic, jute, bamboo and much more. It is observed that when the rug is new it sheds more but later on flaking ceases or reduces. The issue is only artificial fibers such as nylon and propylene but shedding is typically seen in natural fiber ‘wool’. Wool is the fantastic premium fiber which adds natural essence to your floor. However, at the time of manufacture they are merged with several chemical processes so as to raise their cost.

Way of constructing a rug: Rugs are prepared in two ways one is by hand- tufting and the other is by hand- knotting.  While hand-knotting the rug, every pile is firmly intertwined to the base which makes them stand stiff. Whereas hand-tufting the rug lack this process making their pile easily pulled off.  Comparatively, hand knotted rugs are more durable and do not shed off quickly.

How can you avert your rug from detaching??

Firstly, do not purchase a rug which is extremely cheap. The reason behind this is, cheap rugs offer low quality fabric which may last longer and shed off hastily.  Keep you rug clean by vacuuming it frequently or washing it carefully. Placing a rug pad beneath your rug is also an good option to prevent it from peeling or wearing out.


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