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How would you go Around Picking up the Perfect Rug for your Home?

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First let us know what are rugs?

A rug is a thick woven decorative piece of fabric item which is used for covering certain areas of a floor, either for aesthetics or for comfort.Rugs are highly customizable where various other materials and colors are used. The designs may be an abstract or for simply displaying an image. You can place it in any areas of the home and even outdoors.

What are the advantages of natural fibers?

The main aspect of having natural made rugs in your home is that these rugs are extremely durable and lasts long. It can also be used as a wall to wall hanging piece, for covering the floors or simple for wiping. The machine made rugs are anti static electricity and creates a healthy environment. These rugs are enduring and sustainable.

Where natural fiber floor rugs can should be used?

Natural fiber rugs can be used in any corner of the room i.e. the living room, family room, master bedroom, entrances, home offices, backyard etc. This type of rug provides warmth and comfort to the entire room where you can feel closer to the nature. You can even place it in the outdoor areas like the basement and the hallways which withstand heavy traffic too.

Are natural made rugs really expensive? What colors and designs would look good on the floors?

Natural made rugs are bit expensive as the fibers used are natural which are derived from the plant stems. But there are some other natural rugs in which synthetic materials are used and are relatively cheap. You will find these rugs in many hues and shades like the beige, peaceful green, tan brown etc. The designs used are simply outstanding and intricate which blends well with your interiors. The most popular types of area rugs are traditional, contemporary, transitional, Southwestern, tribal and European.

How do I care for my rugs?

Maintaining and cleaning the rug is as simple as that. You can vacuum your rugs with tiny nozzles and short brush suction or simply shake off the rug upside down to remove loosed dirt which gets accumulated at the edges of the rug. Use a detergent solution to clean the rugs added to a cup of water and some amount of vinegar. Wash the rug with this kind of solution and then leave it to dry completely. Blot spills immediately as it will only spoil the condition of the rug. For better results, support your floor with a good quality rug pad so that the rug lives for more years and prevents slippage.


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