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Ideal runner rugs for your home

May 14th, 2013 By

Have you always wanted to have runner rugs for your living room? Some of the ideal ways to decorate is by adding runner rugs across the house. They are the best way to decorate the pathway from one room to the other.

Whenever you want to add décor aspects to your home, it would be great to look up some of the more popular patterns. One of the easier ways of revitalizing your home is with rugs. Runner rugs are elongated rectangular floor covers that stretch across a passage or over stairs. Here’s a look at the different ways of enhancing your décor with these floor covers:

Runner Rug1


Runner rugs for the doorway

Floor covers that are placed from the doorway to the inner rooms, depict a floor plan of the house. They literally guide the person entering the house to the different rooms. They are a focal point or guiding principle for the people entering the house. They define the different areas of interest. These can be of varying lengths depending upon the length of your passage.

Runner Rug2


Runner rugs for the upper floors

Passages on the upper floors can have a style quotient with a runner floor cover. Most passages having runners have a sense of elegance. This sophisticated style is not too hard to achieve. There are varying styles that you can adapt for the upper floor passages. It can mimic the themes in the lower floors or of the existing floors.

Runner Rug3


Runner rugs for stairs

Our staircases require the most attention. Apart from ensuring that the stairs are safe, these runners are ideal to add style to house. The main purpose of staircase runners is to ensure that they are safe. Most of the runners in homes add style and safety. The materials used for runners ensure that they are enough for creating a grip for feet.

Runner Rug4


Ideal for protecting against cold weather

Cold tiles, concrete or stone floors cannot be left unattended in winter. They need to be covered with floor covers or runners. Hard wooden floors can be protected with runners as an alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting. There is no need to endeavor on a large carpeting project. Simply add runners across the passages and floor carpets in the rooms.

Runner Rug5

Durable and decorative, these runners are essentials in any home. If homes are not carpeted across the entire floor then, runners should be added. Don’t hesitate to indulge in seasonal favorites whenever you want to change the carpets. Some homes even use runners along with their wall-to-wall carpeting plans. High traffic areas require runners in order to protect the expensive carpets. They also manage to add some sense of individuality and style. There is nothing more attractive than having a home with decorative runner across the hallway or stairway. Contemporary or traditional runners can enhance the overall feel of the house. Make sure you have the right length of runner for your home. Choose from the extensive varieties online where you can find a whole range of rugs. Add that dash of classiness to your home décor.


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