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Ideas on Decorating Your Home Decor with Matchsticks

Jun 20th, 2013 By

Elevate the style quotient of your home by incorporating smart and chic looking home decor accessories using matchsticks. Implement these versatile little sticks for adorning various essential items within your home.

Matchsticks Pipe

A ceramic made pipe with a bunch of orange tipped matchsticks, placed in its center on a table complements the table centerpiece effectively.

1 Matchsticks Pipe


Matchsticks Centerpiece

Storing matchsticks in a clear see jar with sandpaper on the bottom makes for a clever looking centerpiece, while stating a countryside appeal.

2 Matchsticks Centerpiece


Matchsticks Wall Art

Add a touch of flair into your interiors by putting up a two-tone flower designed matchstick wall art.

3 Matchsticks Wall Art


Matchsticks Shelf Frame

Pep up your counters or shelves by placing old photographs or little pieces of sketches onto a matchstick constructed frame.

4 Matchsticks Shelf Frame


Matchstick Wall Mirror

Give your bedroom a sense of exquisiteness and indulgence with an intricately patterned wooden matchstick wall mirror.

5 Matchstick Wall Mirror


Matchstick Shape Floor Lamp

Highlight your taste for modern art by including a decorative matchstick form floor lamp. Perfect for hallways and study room.

6 Matchstick Shape Floor Lamp


Matchsticks Inspired Lamp

A matchstick inspired hand crafted floor lamp with crape paper as lampshade makes for an ideal addition in a living or study room.

7 Matchsticks Inspired Lamp


Matchsticks Motif

Ignite the mood of your room that reflects the intensity through matchstick themed motifs and pictures.

8 Matchsticks Motif


Matchsticks Centre Table

Stun your guests with a blend of style and grace by adding a matchstick inspired center table in your living room.

9 Matchsticks Centre Table


Matchsticks Indoor Planter

Infuse a touch of nature indoors by placing exotic flowering shrubs in a matchstick inspired planter.

10 Matchsticks Indoor Planter


Matchsticks Coffee Table Decor

Animate your coffee table by incorporating coffee themed decorative items made of matchsticks, as seen here.

11 Matchsticks Coffee Table Decor


Matchsticks Table Decor

A delicious looking strawberry cake made of matchsticks is sure to be a hot topic for conversations. Place it as a centerpiece decor.

12 Matchsticks Table Decor


Matchsticks Holder

Store your matchsticks smartly in a matchstick holder instead of the regular box. Set them up as centerpieces to accentuate your dining table.

13 Matchsticks Holder


Matchsticks Fruit Stand

A skillfully crafted matchstick stand is not only visually attractive but also fully functional for daily use.

14 Matchsticks Fruit Stand


Matchsticks Pattern Vanity Box

Treasure your beloved jewels and precious ornaments in a beautifully designed matchstick coated jewelry box.

15 Matchsticks Pattern Vanity Box


Matchsticks Photo Frame

A meticulously designed matchstick frame makes a perfect accessory to have your memorable photographs kept.

16 Matchsticks Photo Frame


Matchsticks Decorative Items

Use matchsticks in your home decor in various creative forms. Tie, glue, frame or bind them to make interesting decorative items. Your imagination is the key.

17 Matchsticks Decorative Items

Add a touch of art, inspiration and originality to your home decor with matchsticks inspired accessories.


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