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Ideas to Create a Colorful Interior using Contemporary Rugs

Aug 13th, 2013 By

Come September, and you are to wake up to a burst of warm-captivating colors, ripe vegetation, cool weather, and lengthened nights. The sweet smell of fall drifting through air makes for a pleasing ambience outdoors. Capture the tone-the beauty of this season within your home through contemporary rugs.

Fall brings in cheer and excitement among humans with its rich and bountiful produce and breathtaking colorful vistas. Nature enthusiasts take delight in this season by frequent hikes and camping trips, while food lovers revel in the seasonal delicacies. Nevertheless, fall fades away and soon. Now, is the just about the time to prepare your home for a fresh new look before winter sets in. Winter cannot be avoided, but using appropriate decorations, you sure can maintain warmth and color indoors. An effective way to dress up your home interiors is incorporating area rugs.

Contemporary rugs are your best means to spruce up the decor and instill a sense of warmth and texture without spending a lot. Here are a few ideas for fall decoration, using modern rugs.


Why Choose Contemporary Style

Contemporary rug 1

A contemporary rug is your perfect means to complete the look of your home this season. These rugs due to their distinct nature and variation available make them a fitting choice of accessory for fall decoration. Whether you have a traditional or modern styled decor, a contemporary area rug pairs or rather blends with each style effectively due to their characteristic warm colors. Each of these rugs bear relevant style in the form of color and pattern, as well as their versatile nature makes them suitable for use in every room and all types of floors. For example, a modern rug beautifully complements hardwood floors and even tiled ones.


A Union of Color and Pattern

Contemporary rug 2

Each year, the season of fall casts a tone of enchanting colors, which is seen all around us, causing much fervor and joy. If you live in a home that has begun to appear dull and dreary, lacking vitality, opt for contemporary rugs either in the form of a rug or runner. Their unique combination of warm bright colors and striking patterns do not fail to uplift the mood of a decor.  With fall approaching, choose rugs that highlight relevant hues and broad patterns, probably floral. Remember, winter means lack of color and that often translates to dullness. Colored rugs highlighting bold patterns will infuse and hold a distinct appeal within your interiors.


 Reflect Warmth and Texture

Contemporary rug 3

A unique quality of contemporary rugs is that they are available in various fabrics and materials. This makes them apt for use in several rooms within a home. In addition, their fabric and style evokes warmth and lends texture to a room lacking any distinctive appeal. Fall brings in cool temperatures; make sure to buy few area rugs and runners made of wool, especially for bedrooms and hallways. Undoubtedly, they will beautify the room, but will add warmth as well. For rooms with high traffic, such as living room and dining room, go for materials that are durable in nature, such as jute or polyester. A silk or cotton rug can be added to the study room. Be mindful of placing an adequate sized floor cover.


A Mix of Imagination and Creativity Enhances the Ambience

Contemporary rug 4

With the coming of fall, many tend to spend most of their time indoors. Irrespective, whether you are an outdoor person or not, you can bring in the charm of the season indoors. Simply by placing a different shape of rug will give your rooms a fresh and distinct look. Contemporary rugs are found in four shapes, namely, rectangular, square, runner and round. For example, place a square shaped rug underneath an angled coffee table, use a round one in your dining room if there is a circular table, or in a room that in narrow. Make use accessories while decorating a room, especially those that complement the rug’s color and design. It will contribute to enhance the ambience of a room.

This fall decorate your home in a way that reflects the essence of this season. Use contemporary rugs to pep up the decor. Do not hesitate to mix and match using home decor accessories, for the fusion will make your room more colorful and appealing, instilling a sense of festivity that fall brings in.


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