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Ideas to Create a Contemporary Bathroom Interior

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“I am sure there are things that can’t be cured by a good bath but I can’t think of one.” – Sylvia Plath. Those words well point out to the therapeutic effect of bathing, which in turn draws our attention and underlines the importance of having a good bathroom. Perk up your bathing time with contemporary bathroom interiors.
A bathroom is not a place merely to wash ourselves clean. For many it is their personal space of tranquility, a spot to relax, unwind and take their mind off mundane worries, while reflecting over meaningful aspects of one’s existence. To make your rejuvenating time momentous, it is equally necessary that your bathroom be well designed and decorated. Listed below are five effective tips to create a large contemporary styled bathroom interior.

Switch to Neutral

Soft colors and pastels such as lavender, turquoise, primrose yellow, baby blue, peach are best suited for small rooms as they reflect a healthy amount of light and create an illusion of a larger room. If you have your woodwork and trims painted in similar hues to that of the walls, they will appear transparent. In turn, this will give a visual appearance of a large space. Moreover, you may want to paint your counter tops along with cabinets in the same shades to add a hint of transparency.

Switch to Neutral1


A Seamless Vista

Another method to give your small bathroom appear taller is through certain visual tricks. Some of the most effective ways is by incorporating wallpapers, wood paneling and tile designs wherein the walls and ceiling merge. Use wallpapers with miniature prints or preferably vertical stripes; this will help give your walls a taller perspective. Furthermore, to give your bathroom an enlarged look, use mosaic tiles. They are very effective in this purpose.

A Seamless Vista2


Clear Glass

To create a partition within your small bathroom, instead of opting for a shower curtain, go for a glass shower door. Such a door, especially a clear glass variant is a good option as it makes for an elegant addition to your shower area, while not blocking any space either. However, it is vital that you regularly maintain them and keep them from losing their crystal look.

Clear Glass3


Mirror Illusion

If you have a small-narrow bathroom, integrating large mirrors will help achieve a large room feel within a small space. For instance, by placing two mirrors opposite each other will create an illusion of a never-ending room. As a fact, mirrors reflect light, this leads in creating an effect of ample space around. Place the mirrors in a way that it alters a room’s proportion, making it look wider. It is necessary that you keep them in a way that reflects your room’s widest angle and certain decor articles.

Mirror Illusion4


Go Clutter Free

Storage space is crucial in a bathroom, especially if it is small. A clutter free room will contribute in making your bathroom look larger. Therefore, make a resolution to keep the most necessary items at your counter tops, while concealing the rest. Make use of cabinets, racks, shelves and even boxes. Maintaining possessions in a neat and orderly manner will assist in making the most of your available space. You may experiment in view to storage options by utilizing several available means, such as by using a bag, recycled baskets and the likes.

Go Clutter Free5

Follow the five practical methods and gift your home-yourself the opportunity to engage in a contemporary styled bathroom interior.


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