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Ideas to Create a Lake House Decor

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A lake house is a great retreat for the body and mind, a perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate. To experience its alluring and cozy settings, one may likely require to own one. However, such is not the case if you are open to ideas on redecorating your home decor.

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It is possible to avail the feel of living in a lake house irrespective of your present location, and without owning one. The purpose of a lakefront living is to encourage residents to appreciate and enjoy nature-to establish a connection with their immediate surroundings. By updating the interior theme, providing the right element of style backed with relevant furnishings, the said decor can be created. Here are some important points to remember before you start with the home decor project.


Set a Theme

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In a lake decor, there are multiple themes to choose from and a plethora of accessories to incorporate. Lakefront furnishings and waterscape themes are two prominent themes that designers opt for. Apparently, for most of us, our location, especially if inland does not provide the luxury of water bodies around. In order to tackle the lack of such, calls for using relevant decorative accessories to set the tone. For example, hanging paintings or large photograph of a lake in the hallway, a wall art, installing a rustic wooden swing, placing lake inspired centerpieces and the like will help create the ambiance.


Make Room for Natural Lighting

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Look up a picture of a contemporary lake house; one is often greeted to large sized windows. Go further and take a view from within, you will be in for surprise by the amount of natural light streaming in. As highlighted earlier, the aim of such interior design is to bring nature indoors. Ample sized doors and windows make way for natural lighting, which is available year round. Interestingly, they also connect the outdoors with the interiors and provide attractive vistas. Avoid using thick curtains that block sunlight, instead opt for sheer curtains that provide privacy without hampering the flow of light.


Unite Interiors with Patterns

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Since the focus is on nature, it is wise to bridge the interiors and exteriors of your home. The best way is by imitating the pattern and texture of nature indoors. Why? It creates a relaxed vibe and builds a rustic feel within. How? Right from slipcovers to area rugs, cushions to wall paint–there are many ways to reflect the design statement. Nonetheless, do not be overly formal. To create a comfortable appeal, choose to mix and use mismatched furnishings. For example, use stripes, floral inspired patterns, embroidery on furniture and the floors. Layer materials to bring an element of texture to your interiors and do not hesitate in implementing varied color schemes.


The Key is to Accessorize

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Accessories play an integral role in creating a lake house ambiance. We recommend you incorporate the most relevant. Apparently, every nook and corner within your home can help achieve the said theme. Remember, accessories need to be lake inspired and not that of sea. Figurines are a common sight in lake homes, many of them depict animals found in and around lakes. Other notable items are lawn ornaments and yard statues, which you may use for the decor. The indoors provide a lot of space to implement this theme-in the form of wall art or murals, centerpieces, furniture, rugs, dinnerware, wall paint, room furnishings, and much more.

A lake theme decor is increasingly becoming popular for its relaxed appeal and rustic styling, which brings together the beauty of nature and promotes simple living. Applying the given ideas with details will let you experience the warmth and charm of a lake home decor in your present house.


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