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Ideas to Create Attractive Looking Hallways

Aug 4th, 2013 By

“Simple can be harder than complex” – Steve Jobs. How true are those words! In the world of interior designing, a hallway, which is termed as the face of a house, often poses a challenge for designers. As simple as it may appear, it is equally challenging to decorate them with their characteristic limitations.

A living room, bedroom, or dining room by far requires less effort to decorate in comparison to a hallway. Unlike other rooms within a house with ample space, this room is narrower and often marked by long stretches, making it difficult to decorate. Remember, though, a hallway is an essential part of a home, the entrance to your world. Leaving it bare is not a good choice. They are an extension of your lifestyle, which a visitor acquaints himself with first. Follow the below steps on how to beautify a hallway while keeping it functional, using simple effective ideas.

Extend a Hand of Invitation through Colors

Hallways 1

Imagine entering a home surrounded with plain-dull colored walls. Nothing is more depressing than the absence of color in a home. A hallway is meant to connect spaces; this space acts like a transcending path, which leads to other rooms within a house. Unlike other rooms, here is a space where you can color coordinate to the fullest. Corresponding to your decor, implement vivid hues across this confined area to liven it up. Depending to your taste, paint the hallway in either warm or bold colors, or a mix of both to make them more appealing. Do not hesitate to experiment, make sure to coordinate the colors of all your decor accessories with that of the walls, which will add variety to the room.


Infuse Character through a Theme

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The entrance in a house is an important component of a home. Extend the theme of other rooms to your hallway too. Usually, lack of a theme and other features of decorations give hallways a bland and dreary look. To avoid such plight, use a theme within this space. Give it altogether a theme of its own. Almost any theme will work wonderfully in these limited areas. For example, add a monochrome theme, vintage, nautical, country, or a mirrored theme. Whichever theme that you choose, remember to add relevant accessories, in the form of patterns through paint pattern, wallpaper, accessories, collectibles, photographs, and furniture.


Bring in the Element of Texture with Rugs

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An important addition to every hallway is rugs. A rug in the form of runner adds a touch of texture. Runner rugs are the easiest way to decorate such space. When purchasing, opt for smaller sizes. The size of the rug should be smaller than the hallway, both in depth and in length. Never use a rug as carpets. These are meant to highlight your walk through room, not overwhelm it. Decorate the entrance of your home by incorporating a runner having striking patterns with a blend of vivid colors. Preferably, choose a transitional runner. There is an endless variety of runner rugs available online in different styles, patterns, colors, and sizes to suit a hallway. Choose selectively to enhance your decor.


Amplify Space using Streamlined Furniture

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The hallway is not a place to be stuffed with furniture. But, this does not mean that one cannot add any furniture at all. As space is a concern, opt for narrow furniture for all your storage solutions. Place either a small table, a vintage console on to the wall, a storage chest, or a bench. A word of caution, always use furniture relevant to the theme you choose. Glass and metal will work in an industrial or modern themed decor. Whereas, wood, weathered wood is suitable with a traditional, country or other contemporary themes. Table or floor lamps are good additions, especially if you have purposed a space to lounge. If possible, add a potted plant to give a visual connection with the outdoors.


Create a Transitional Space with Accessories

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When contemplating on using accessories in a hallway, one could probably over kill the idea with their excessive use. On the other hand, one can use accessories in numerous ways to decorate the hallway. Since you have limited space available, be creative while using them. Spread them across the passage. The ceilings, sidewalls apart from the floor are ideal spots to have your accessories. For example, a chandelier makes for a statement; providing a grand looking entrance, using wall mirrors in a small area creates an illusion of a large space as they reflect light; wall art or paintings provide a passerby a reason to pause, table centerpieces, collectibles, flower vase, and photo frames provide contrast and variation.

As you have seen, decorating a hallway has its advantage, more importantly since it represents you-your lifestyle. To create a beautiful looking hallway, one need not incorporate complex techniques and style. Instead, keep a simple approach. Decorating a hallway with simple furniture and accessories, backed with a tasteful color palette assures to give help you have attractive looking hallway.


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