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Ideas to Plan a Memorable Halloween Party

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Be it kids or adults, everyone likes a party. A perfect setting to have families, friends, and relatives come celebrate an event or occasion together. Autumn hosts one of year’s most anticipated festivity–Halloween. This holiday calls for a reason to celebrate, as for enthusiasts, what better way than to throw a Halloween bash.

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Over the years, more and more people have taken to the trend of hosting these festive parties. It has become the next big thing besides handing out candies and decorating homes. Many among our readers may likely be contemplating this idea. To ensure your party goes smoothly and more importantly it proves to be a smashing one, listed below is some timely ideas for you to follow while preparing for your Halloween party.


Pick a Theme

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As highlighted in an earlier article titled, “Popular Halloween Themes for Your Party”, a theme is important for it defines the look of a party. It helps to set the stage in terms of decor, costumes, food, drinks, etc. that make it unique and appealing. However, first, consider the age group who will be attending the party–kids or adults. Remember, an adult party differs from that for kids when it comes to decoration, costumes, recipes and beverages. Try planning to host one with a theme, which would entertain both–spooky yet light hearted at heart.


Personalize Invites

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After you decide on a date and time, inform guests that you want them to attend your party by sending them Halloween invitations. This is a smart way to get your guests excited about the event. Depending on time on hand, prepare unique handmade invites or buy them from a store. There is a plethora of invitations available to choose. With the help of construction paper, glitter markers and some basic supplies, you may create your own. Do not miss out to add all crucial information like date, time, location, along with a request for RSVP to your party.


Gear Up Your Decor

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When decorating for a Halloween party, keep in mind to decorate according to the chosen theme. Nonetheless, if you want to go the traditional way by applying a spooky theme, be sure to dim the lighting. Employ a fog machine, along with different things like cobwebs, hairy spiders, colored light bulbs, pumpkin cutouts, skeletons, and other decorative accessories throughout your space to emphasize the theme. Use a variety of jack-o-lanterns as accent pieces. Color plays a crucial role–red, black, white, and orange are some popular hues to opt for.


Halloween Themed Food and Drinks

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Ordering a pizza is a big no! Serve food and beverages that appear inspired by your theme. Get creative! Chicken severed fingers; chow mein noodle, gummy worm gelatin shots, cobweb cookies, and witches’ brew are the sort of munchies, which will rock your party. However, take into consideration the ages of guests; you certainly do want to scare their wits out. Use a good amount of pumpkins in form of Halloween pumpkin guts and cupcakes. Search the internet for ideas on drinks and beverages. Plan up a menu, shop, and prepare recipes that can be made and stored in beforehand.


Games and Activities

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A Halloween bash is quite incomplete without crafts and games; they prove to be the life of a party. These make for excellent ways to have all your guests open up and mingle with each other.  Whether, kids or adults both can have equal fun with some well-chosen activities. For example, have a dance contest, bobbing for apples, worm race, tug of war, etc. There are many games available for all age groups, which you can find on the internet. Try to find games and activities that everyone would enjoy participating. Remember, to keep prizes for the winners.

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Apart from above ideas, pick unique costumes that correspond to the selected theme. After all, you are the host. Music and sound is integral, prepare a couple of playlists, which would complement and enhance the atmosphere.  A party need not be an expensive affair. With willing participants, throw in few simple decorations, props, spooky music and delicacies made at home or borrowed, and you get to have a memorable Halloween bash.


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