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Impart Peace in your Living Space

May 30th, 2013 By

We have a busy and hectic lifestyle. And that calls for a home that can manage your calm and peaceful centre. The presence of Buddha in your house is recommended to create a Zen like atmosphere. The contemplative energy that is brought with them will create balance in your dynamic lifestyles.

Add the Asian Feng-Shui to your Decor

Tranquillity and stability are words that are often associated with Buddhism. The Buddhist liking has grown and become extremely popular in modern homes these days. Whether you are a believer or not, this fair-handed accessory to your home is the medium of getting in touch with your spiritual self.

First thing in the Morning

Every time you start your day with this bathroom set up, it is sure to infuse your senses with positive energy as soon as you step into it. Turquoise blue does to your soul what flowers do to this earth. Soothing colors, floral printed curtains, fair detailing on the floor with retro styled ceramic tiles, fresh flowers and your Buddha statue as a centerpiece is just the perfect quaint and classy set-up for the most perfect start to a lovely day.

First thing in the Morning1


Live amidst Harmony

Finding such a beautiful painting in your living room is the best inspiration your walls could be adorned with. Look closely, this painting sets you free almost immediately from all that stress your shoulders were hanging on to. The golden streaks, the intricate earthy hues and the serene Buddha, a painting like this brings good luck and lends authenticity to your homes.

Live amidst Harmony2


Hold onto your Composure

These are lovely Mudras or non-verbal communication symbols. And these representations of reason, fearlessness and wisdom play a vital role in holding your accessories and jewelry too. They add grace and elegance to your wardrobe, dressing table or bedrooms. They will hold on to your favorite possessions relaxingly and are easily mounted on a wall.

Hold onto your Composure3


Divide your Worries from your Joys

This double sided Buddha Print Room Divider, features classic and oriental elements of both history and nature. It is a great accent to your rooms. They will add poise and simplicity to your studios too. These are extremely helpful if you want to enjoy in a clutter free and well defined living space of your own.

Divide your Worries from your Joys4


Float in Bliss

This beautiful Buddha stand seems to be floating and sailing away in the realm of nirvana effortlessly. What an elegant display between that library or study room that you have created! It has a heritage finish to it and will look good even if you place it in your living area.

Float in Bliss5


Grow and Develop

Such a magnificent piece of art! This impressive Buddha effigy is made of solid concrete, is hand crafted and is a great motivational factor to live in this moment. Let this gorgeous item tend to your garden, kitchen windowsills or elsewhere. It will only make you happy every time you see it.

Grow and Develop6

If you are looking forward to add that calming zest in your ambience, bringing a Buddha in any form is bound to help.


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