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Inch by Inch: Cafe Decoration Ideas

Jan 1st, 2013 By
Decorating your own café can be fun. If you already do not have one, you can always know the tricks to beautify such kind of a place. Café is a space where most of us must have visited in our life. We like to spend time with our dear ones here. It is the ambience that attracts the crowd to any café. So you should know what exactly creates such kind of vibe among people to select a particular cafe


The entrance to any café should be charming. Generally people like to decorate this area with flowers or lovely designs and ornaments. Entrance should be so striking that any passerby wants to come and check out the café. You can personalize the entrance in many ways. Sometimes print of humorous quote or even pictures can work the magic on entrance door.


Next significant thing is the seating. The kind of chairs or sofas or benches you select for your café spells the comfort for the customers. You can go for nice soft cushions. You may even buy hard yet restful chairs. The basic idea is to purchase seating elements that can transform the world of your customers from gloomy to happy and happening one.


You should also be careful about storage in your café. If you clutter the region, seating as well as entrance will leave no impact n customers. You need to buy a nice and multipurpose cabinet for storage. You should install it in area which is hidden to customer’s eye. Some owners however prefer to display their café cabinets to naked eye of people in seating area.


You may be concerned about the overall beauty of your café. The ceiling design holds the key to complete the look of café. You can choose any kind of theme for your ceiling design. Some people keep it simple while others select grand patterns for ceiling. Oriental, modern or even southwestern and transitional designs look good for ceiling of a café.


You can also select rugs for flooring. You may go for marble or stone flooring. There are other choices as well. You can also laminate the floor with vinyl cover. You can also graffiti paint them. You may want to go for wooden floorboard as well.


Add curtains and blinds in café surrounding. It gives amazing look to café interiors. You can drape your windows with them. You can even use them as dividers. This will give enough privacy to people. It will also highlight the beauty of the area very well.


Lighting chosen for café also means a lot for ambience of the area. You can go for dimmers or lanterns. You can also select some magnificent lamps and chandeliers for the region. Some owners may even get electric or wax candles for tables.


You can also have several ideas for centerpieces for your café. Centerpiece can be the sole attraction of café sometimes. A nice fountain or even flowers can be a good choice. You can also look for centerpieces for table. Potpourri and floating candles are also excellent options.


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