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Indoor Garden Decor Tips and Techniques

Jun 3rd, 2013 By

Indoor gardens today pay discreet attention to design, architecture and materials more than the plants or vegetables in it. This basically throws light on the fact that, an area that develops your aesthetic sense in pottery and nursery can look great anywhere other than your backyard or entrance.

More Oxygen Indoors

Plants increase the oxygen levels in the environment and also accentuate the whole experience of a home into something fresh and exceptional. People avoid having gardens in their interiors for fear of not enough light and maintenance issues. But there are several ways in which you could adorn a garden, take care of it and be proud, all at the same time.

Study Area

This unique vertical placement of plants and greens on your study table in a compact case is an interesting way of emphasizing your love for the environment. For a garden on your study table you could encounter sun and rain issues. And for them to work harmoniously make sure such a plant piece is formatted in a straight line or geometric designs.

Study Area1


Kitchen Area

Basil, parsley, coriander and other herbs and spices that you use on a regular basis, if we’re given to fresh and made handy, how brilliant and helpful would that be! Enjoy healthy, tasty and nutritious veggies in your own home-grown kitchen garden. Feed your plants well, consider rotation and change their positions every year, mulch them appropriately, avoid the weeds and keep it clean are simple but effective tips on how you could ace that green patch within your kitchen. This decorative and contemporary space for herbs and kitchen vegetables is nice and exquisite. Wooden placements on each floor give your kitchen a conventional look.

Kitchen Area2


Deck Area

This one is a very trendy and hot deck design idea for your garden. Build your deck around a tree, and make your home look gorgeous. Formulate the deck around the tree regardless of where it is placed. Make sure you leave enough space for the tree to grow. Make a garden according to nature and do not bend otherwise, it still makes your house look spectacular. Who wouldn’t like to sit and rejoice every moment spent at home in an area that inspires you to relax, breathe and enjoy.

Deck Area3


Living Area

This Eco wall in your living space is a breath of fresh air as soon as you step into your home after a long day at work. The need for soil is eliminated in these modern plant panels that are available these days. Since it is a hydroponic panel all that needs to be done is planted in a line of media that is given its nutrition through an internal irrigation system. It is a wonderful difference to your ceramic pots and normal garden tips and techniques.

Living Area4


Bathroom Areas

Create the ultimate bathing experience by placing a few pots and plants according to the size of your bathroom. This supreme luxury can be adorned as per your budget. The specific enclosed bathroom with glass doors is your chance to indulge in the highest form of relaxation out there.

Bathroom Areas5


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