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Inspire Living with Patterns

Jan 8th, 2014 By

The value of a canvas depends on its use. If unused, a blank one is simply irrelevant. An artist’s brush is what completes its purpose and adds a new dimension to it. In like manner, pattern is the lifeblood of home design. It adds interest and character to a room, which otherwise without it stands bare.

Patterns are vital elements in home designing. Lack of it can make a room look bland and dull. They are excellent to make an impact and emphasize a theme. Geometric patterns such as Argyle, Chevron or Fret smartly create a paradoxical illusion, causing a small room look larger and dynamic as well. Rugs and Blinds present three popular brands–Chandra, Orian, and Kaleen. Each holds a collection of exquisite patterns, perfect to spruce up a room.




Each collection has numerous patterns that come in a mix of soft, bold and vibrant colors–tan, brown, blue, purple, and gold. The wide spectrum of color helps complement the modern home decor, while gives them a unique appeal of their own. To suit the needs of different home design, they are come in various styles like contemporary to braided, floral to transitional and more. A burgundy color transitional rug donning Moroccan pattern beautifully enhances the appeal of a contemporary styled room.




For a fully coordinated and elegant looking interior, opt for small patterns, especially those that are design and color coordinated in connection to the larger print. Remember, patterns hold the key to the entire color scheme as well as the design of a home decor. A wide range of quality materials go in creating these versatile floor covers. Fabrics like New Zealand wool, art silk, jute, and polypropylene are preferred as they provide ample comfort and durability for years to come.




Floral design is excellent to cheer up an entertaining space such as the living room or even kids room. Add visual interest to your library or the home office with Paisley. Enthusiasts will greatly revel in Ikat patterns, which represent Asian origins and apt to accentuate traditional settings. All rugs from each collection provide incredible value beside their contemporary styling, rich colors and versatile use.


Employ patterns indoors and revive the decor’s appeal to your taste. Patterns in design help establish mood and enhance the overall ambience, making for an inspirational living space.


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