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Integrated Kitchen in Different Rooms

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New home designs are sprouting these days that bring forward unique styles. One of such styles is integrating kitchen in varied rooms. However, this idea has been experimented with before. But, recently, people are keener in taking a step ahead by inventing novel layouts involving combining cooking station with different parts of home interiors and outdoors. Here is a brief of such inspiring ideas

Kitchen and Living Room Ideas

Modular homes mostly have a combined cooking and living space. Some people even prefer this design for ease. Entertaining guests becomes much more comfortable as it is simpler to serve them, while still in conversation. This design is great for an engaging home style. Perhaps a sliding or a partitioning curtain can separate these areas. However, this layout is perfect for open homes and casual interiors.

Kitchen and Living Room Ideas1

To improvise this area, you can induce furniture that is apt to the theme of the home. Creating a spacious seating can help grant better appeal to kitchen island in living room. Nothing can be more enticing than whiff of deliciously cooked food streaming into living area to catch the attention of people. Central lighting for both these regions can save on spending.


Kitchen Combined with Dining Room

One of the popular integrated kitchens is found in dining rooms. This is a common layout seen in almost every home. It helps in saving space as well as enables people to navigate to the kitchen island. Hence, retrieving food items and other things is possible without much of a hassle. This layout is also ideal for small homes. Just adding few chairs to the kitchen countertop can convert the space into a dining area.

Kitchen Combined with Dining Room2

Sometimes a dining room may open to a small kitchen. A stovetop counter can also resemble as a dining table for a modular house. However, adding interactive wallpapers and stencils or backsplashes can make such minimal spaces look attractive. So, if you are looking for this layout, you may want to make the area look a whole by using same shade paint and tiles there.


Cooking Station with Bedroom

People who generally have passion for cooking may choose an uncommon layout, bedroom along with kitchen. Those who love to grab a quick snack while going to bed or getting of the same, may also choose this design. It makes sense to have a small kitchen, if you have ample ventilation in bedroom, helping to get rid of the fragrance of food after a while. Many surveys depict that bachelors prefer this layout to others.

Cooking Station with Bedroom3

If not a large bedroom, a small kitchen island to complement the area can be great. A wall niche converted as pantry can help organizing the cooking station here. A pullout dining table and countertop can also make a bedroom cum kitchen look neater. Clean the space regularly so as to maintenance sanitized surrounding here. Pest control and home improvement regularly can be preventive measures to keep such a layout space tidy.


Cooking Desk at Conservatory

Sunrooms are an excellent place to invite a cooking station. Including a barbeque grill desk along with a kitchen countertop can bring zest to this area. As conservatories are often a place for social gathering, a nook for experimenting with your culinary skills can be an interesting option. Hence, using cooking space as integration to spacious conservatories is one of the modern home design ideas these days.

Cooking Desk at Conservatory4

With few pot plants, potpourri and natural items in the area, the kitchen will look much more adorable in conservatories. Build a cozy seating area by bringing relaxing furniture and dining room additions to complete such sunrooms. You may want to go for this kind of layout for a sheltered sunroom. However, an open conservatory in summer can do well with an added kitchen to pamper the taste buds of guests on occasions.


Laundry Kitchen Ideas

Integrating kitchen with laundry room is another room layout you can pick. The underside of countertop, if empty can be reused purposefully. Install washing machine and include shelves containing necessary washing products to convert this space into a laundry area. On the other hand, a laundry room can also reflect a kitchen island cum ironing board parallel. Separate cabinets to store washing products and food items should be noted.

Laundry Kitchen Ideas5

Many homeowners even add a pantry in laundry area to make the best use of free space. If there is a loft space on the ceiling, it can be utilized to store jars, bottles and cutleries. Hence, this layout is another wise option to have in your home this season. However, it is vital to look out for timely repairs of all ducts, pipes in plumbing to save yourself from hassles of leaks.


Cooking Station Integrated in Recreation Room

Recreation area is a good choice to have an integrated kitchen. Along with pool tables, game boars, television and music system a hand at cooking can do wonders. This nook is designed for relaxation where people can enjoy personal time with family and friends. Hence, an integrated cooking station in a well-accepted idea for many individuals. One factor to consider is to design the recreation room possessing kitchen intelligently so that the place does not look messy and unorganized. Hence, proper storage area should be present.

Cooking Station Integrated in Recreation Room6

A large recreation room will be an eye catchy nook to inculcate a kitchen. It can serve many interests like converting the space when needed into a party zone and a lot more. Include a pantry as well to create a good storage for grains and other food items. Such innovative home style can work the best for modern and casual house layouts. A panel shelf to line up quirky utensils and cutleries can act as decorative accent as well.

The above-mentioned integrated kitchen designs are in trend. People are growingly adapting these styles to grant contemporary effect to their houses.

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