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Intensify the Frenzy of Colors in Rooms with Abstract Art

Jun 18th, 2013 By

Modern home interior design changes from time to time. The trend of colorful abstract art is still set when it comes to room beautification. It can be best expressed with wall paintings and decals. You can even choose similar patterned area rugs. Wall paintings, murals and decals along with flooring covers can render a complete makeover to a room

Summer is a season where you can express ideas regarding home décor pretty well. Most of the people use many colors to enhance the look of the rooms. They may even select to buy certain colorful accessories to modify a space. Abstract art accessories can render the perfect mishmash of shades you need for your home.

1 Contemporary brown blue rug

Expressing through Art Pieces

Purchase contemporary carpets and update a room with decals that bear similar design. You can choose simple looking stickers for rooms. Some of these area rugs can even go well with the furniture and accessories in that space. Bring in few natural accents to bring an Eco friendly appeal to the space.2 contemporary Red Green blue rug

Treat the room walls with abstract art paintings that match the carpet on the floor. Choose other fixtures for the walls. Sculptures and sconces are good choices. You can pick 3D art paintings of abstract pattern and render the modern look in an area.

3 Modern Red green yellow rugs

These days, using stencil patterns is quite popular. Be it clothing or room design, this idea is gaining ground in many avenues. So, you can use a wall fixture with abstract pattern filled with different colors. Lay large carpet on the floor that has similar shades present in the decorative item.

4 contemporary multicolored rug

Retouching Room Interiors with Modern Designs

Granting a creative appearance in rooms is possible by bringing in niche art objects. Good-looking wall paintings bearing a mix of hues and abstract patterns are among some choices. Add bright contemporary area rugs to heighten the appeal of the area even more.

5 contemporary blue brown rug

Making use of craft objects as a wall accent is a great idea. Splay different colors with your brush on the surface of these items. This way, you can convert an old accessory into a novel one. Spice up the room design with rag carpets that possess similar colors and designs.

6 Contemporary multicolored rugs

Eye Pleasing Design Ideas for Different Rooms

Delivering attractive look to rooms can be achieved through decorative accents that you can hang on the walls and place on shelves. Utilize a hand painted painting to upgrade a dead space. You may choose to paint walls as well. This design concept can make the living room; kid’s area and bedroom look amazing.

7 contemporary Beige brown rug

You can even use abstract art murals to beautify room interiors. Choose a complementing carpet to go with the design of the mural. Both of these together can deliver the right look to your space. Use this concept to update study room, home office and bathroom interiors.

8contemporary brown rug

So, ready room interiors with inspiring abstract art accessories like carpets and decals. These will be perfect to bring a change for better in homes.


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