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Invigorate your Decor with Eternal Oriental Rugs

May 28th, 2013 By

Pieces of art perfected through two thousand five hundred and more years of expertise, would obviously be as precious as gold by now. This is what the oriental rugs have come to. These unbelievably timeless artifacts encapsulate eternity and finesse. Most countries in Asia have their respective versions of this excellent carpeting style. Besides India, Nepal, Vietnam, China and Turkey, Arabic nations like Egypt, Morocco and Persia have also contributed vastly in popularizing and making them better and better with time.

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet

It is magical. It is so antique that some people even adorn it on their walls as a tribute to the artisans who made it and the art in itself. It is durable and long lasting. Characterized by borders, they fall into two categories, geometric or curvilinear. Geometric designs have more angular patters or straight lines whereas curvilinear are floral motifs. So for formal or opulent setting you can choose any one of these.

Dining Area

Red, intricate, full of amazing threads, solid colors and flowers that radiate bliss are but only a few words to describe this hand knotted traditionally styled rug. Made from pure New Zealand wool, the carpet embraces beautiful patterns that give itself an enthralling appeal. Place it under your dining table and make sure you measure the area carefully leaving enough space to let the carpet spread. Available in three different sizes, it is absolutely okay if you wish to adorn any other part of the house with it too.


Red Oriental rug1


Living Area

Green, sophisticated, grounded shades and leaves spread an interesting vibe across this beauty. Also hand knotted and made from pure New Zealand wool, this rug can surely enthrall your experience while sipping coffee in your living area. Such abstract formations make it look trendy and remarkable. Glass windows, plain linen curtains of lighter shade or artistic paintings on the walls, anything would go well with this magnificence.

Grey oriental rug2


Bed Room

This particular oriental hand tufted rug made from Argentinean twisted wool is excellent for your bedroom floor. Simple bedding and curtains will help this arty dark rug take the center stage with ease. Flamboyantly shaded with hues of red, gold and bits of green makes this one distinguishingly desirable.

Red oriental rug3


Kitchen Area

Glistening look to that earthy kitchen of yours is easily achievable with this masterpiece in place. Hand tufted Argentinian wool at its modest best, due to its abstract and basic design. Install it in the area that you cook, since this is bound to take your cooking experience to another level. Your kitchen whether big or small, this rug is available to suit any size since the options are varied.

Gold oriental rug4


Study Space

This rug immediately adds history and a sense of ownership to this vast knowledgeable palette. Place it in your study areas, because oriental rugs go along very well with the intellectual decorum. Whether the area is hardwood, marble or even ceramic tiles, this piece will attract several compliments.

Brown oriental rug5

Such perfect blends with contemporary, modern or traditional and vintage styles, oriental rugs add integrity and honesty to the character of your homes.


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