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Japanese Home Decor Inspiration Guide

Jun 3rd, 2013 By

Japanese homes are based on one simple foundation – Feng Shui. Their surroundings have wooden textures, natural prints and silk being the main ingredients.  The space has a Zen philosophy and radiates the same through its relaxing and calm effects.

Bring Zen Home

From walls to flooring, there is something subtly attractive about Japanese Home Decor. It is basic and yet has so much elegance and flavor to it. The main reason of having such an inspiring interior sense is because they believe in keeping things minimalist. When your living area is clutter free, your soul breathes a whiff of fresh air automatically.


Japanese walls include a lot of timber detailing and gridded walls, which are a type of translucent wall panels. These specific types lead light from the exteriors while maintaining your privacy. They are called Shoji screens. These have a wooden frame and can be used for walls, windows or as room dividers. But this specific decal is easy to adorn and simplify your wall space. It adds decency and art, making your room look great.




These Tatami Mats make your floors look natural, oriental and spectacular all in one go. A modern Japanese room incorporates some specific aspects of this kind of decor, the furnishings in this style are sober and sparse. And that is why it is recommended to not use heavy and complicated materials like mosaic or marble tiles.




Whether indoors or outdoors, Japanese furniture has intricate requirements that would make your house look oriental in every sense. Wardrobes, dining area, sinks, closets, or the straw blinds used in your front porch should be chosen tactfully. This sunken seating traditional dining table set is inspired from the ancient Japanese aspect of living. Every furniture item serves a purpose. Alternate to your dining area this piece can also be cleverly used as a coffee in your living area. Add cultural lanterns or tatami mats to your furnished modern home, just remember to keep it simple.




The rice paper panels (Shoji screen) do wonders to the lighting naturally. You do not need to add anything extra when it comes to this style of home decor. The austere beauty of your living space will come to life with Japanese lanterns, the color red, cultural art and oriental accessories. Place petite vases on your wooden flooring or staircase and behold the romantics your interiors create.




Sliding doors are what adds a hint of being Japanese to your decor. Use it across the entire wall, or keep it as an entrance to a specific room, these Fusuma doors can be flexibly used in all its variegated senses. Buy them printed or hand painted, or just leave them plain however, do make sure the window frame used is a sober and classic color of wood.


Keep it simple and clutter free, add beautiful Zen like elements to your interiors and try incorporating a few of these above-mentioned ways to enrich the Japanese experience.


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