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Kas Rug Collection – Adding Design to Your Home

Dec 16th, 2013 By

Each season holds its unique charm and aura perceived through its patterns and colors. Every year, nature revives itself–its magnificent splendor. As this year ends, a new one awaits close on the horizon to reveal nature’s surreal bounty once more, all anew! In line to this cycle, revive your home decor with bold and splendid designs from the collection of Kas rugs.
Whether building a new house or renovating your existing one, a home offers several opportunities to resonate beauty within one’s space, which is through means of home decoration. The design in interior design is crucial to achieve a beautiful looking abode. An exemplary way to evoke beauty indoors is by complimenting your floors. The all-new collection from Kas assures to make your living space look attractive and inviting with its unique nature and art inspired patterns.


Kas Transitional Rugs

Kas floor covers successively spearhead in terms of color and design. Hence, it stands as a popular brand in the world of floor decoration and a favored choice among designers. The Allure collection marks a splendid mix of style and comfort, making it a perfect lifestyle accessory to furnish modern homes. Made from 100 percent polyester, each throw comes in stunning designs, which are specially hand tufted to offer the user total comfort and durability in terms of everyday use.


Kas Contemporary Rugs

Moving with times, these fabulous throws come in a variety of styles and options to suit different types of lifestyles that prevail today. Whether it is to compliment a bygone era, nature inspired or contemporary looking interiors, the Rania collection is a delight for purists. One gets to taste a combination of authenticity, as they are hand woven, each stitch displaying a high level of artisanship accompanied with a dose of rich color tones and versatile patterns that pep up a given ambience. At the same time, each piece is created using the finest fabrics known to man such as wool and nylon to reinforce hardwearing quality.


Kas Shag Rugs

The unique selling point of Kas floor fabrics are its bold and elegant designs and subtle texture. They are versatile in that one will find a variety of patterns to compliment varied themes, ranging from traditional to modern, abstract to artistic. The Metropolitan collection is perfect to don modern homes. Interestingly, they are both trendy and practical. Being made of polyester makes them a fitting choice for use in areas with heavy foot traffic as well as to add an element of visual texture through their earthy colors, deep pile and texture.


Kas Floral Rugs

Nothing quite livens up home interiors, as do nature-inspired patterns. To evoke a sense of visual interest into the living room, guest room, library or your bedroom simply incorporate a relevant styled rug. The Reflection collection presents some of the most vivid and colorful floral motifs to beautify one’s living space. Each artistic design effectively accentuates and brightens dull and plain looking interiors that may lack color and design. Also, making them perfect addition in kids’ room.


Kas Traditional Rugs

Kas rugs are popular for their wide collection of Persian style fabric covers; they can be quite a conversation starter. These offer a blend of unique construction, which comprise of rich designs and hues that leave a lasting impression, both visually and to one’s touch. They are worthy additions to the family and guest room as well as the fireplace area. The Sonal collection brings together the finest traditional area rugs. Each is hand made from 100 percent wool, thereby, assuring luxury to the soles of your foot and a visual treat to the eyes with its numerous delicate patterns.


This new year, give a distinct look and add visual interest to your home by decorating the floors with aesthetic fabric covers. Impress your friends and guests with rugs and runners from the all-new Kas collection that encompass a diverse blend of elegant designs and rich colors.


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