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Kids Rugs – Add Fun and Excitement

Sep 9th, 2013 By

Decorating kid’s room calls for attention to the most minute of details. Challenging as it may appear; one is certain to have fun designing it. However, unlike earlier times, today’s parents face a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right accessory for their child’s room. An excellent decor option that meets both decorative and practical needs is area rugs.

Today, more and more interior designers are recommending the use of floor covers as decor accessory due to its versatile nature and being economical. Now, every parent desires to give the best in terms of comfort and quality to their children, which is duly seen by the effort that goes in furnishing a kids’ room. Nevertheless, getting the look right and more importantly likeable is crucial. Kids’ rugs can perfectly fulfill the above needs as well as play a role in the development of your kids.


Encourage Learning

beige kids rug1

A child begins taking in knowledge from infancy. Studies reveal that right from birth to the age of 5, are the most productive years to inculcate and teach a child good habits. Here kids’ carpet can prove beneficial, especially one that have an educational theme, ones portraying numbers and alphabets. Such help in promoting as well as make learning more enjoyable and fun. In addition, they appeal every toddler’s curiosity. Place them either in the playroom, bedroom, or the patio deck, he or she will learn from it as they go about playing. You will witness the effect at a later stage, which calls for recall, something kids do well than adults.


Compliment Preference

blue kids rug2

Every child is different, their likes-dislikes, likewise it goes with the orientation of boys and girls. This is more important as a child grows. While decorating a kid’s room, it is necessary to reflect the occupant’s personality. Be careful to work on the color scheme, fabrics and other decor items, each must coordinate with the other. For example, boys have a great fascination for toys and sports; begin by placing a floor fabric with relevant images. While girls appreciate everything pretty and dainty like flowers, birds, and ponies. Make sure to add a kid’s rug that compliments your child’s taste along with the entire decor of his or her room.


Nurture Imagination

white and blue kids rug3

Developing a child’s imagination is vital to his or her overall mental well-being. Our surroundings affect and make a difference, having tremendous impact on kids as they grow learning from their surroundings. It is vital to have encouraging subjects based on education, art, and other constructive themes in forms of various colors, shapes, and patterns decorated around. Young ones show great delight for such. Kids’ floor coverings are an apt accessory for this purpose. For example, as seen in the image here, this floor fabric gives a visualization of a varied delicate life found in our world. Raising curiosity as well as accentuating the floor.


Multitasking and Resilient

green kids rug4

Apart from decorative value and stimulating creativity and awareness, kids’ rugs are best suited for kid’s rooms. There is more to them than the decorative feature. These floor fabrics are versatile, working as insulation to floors, especially during cold weather. In addition, such carpets provide protective cushioning, preventing kids from getting hurt as they go about with their activities due to the soft fabric texture. Children are quite experimental and are bound to inflict a series of tests, from spills to stomping around. A carpet must be able to withstand such daily abuse while retaining its original form and purpose. Rest assured kids’ floor fabrics are made from wool, a natural resilient fabric.

dark blue kids rug5

When shopping area rugs for your kids’ room, be sure to choose as per your child’s age, gender and interest. Coordinate all the accessories to be used to create a colorful harmonious texture. The purpose of buying them is to add an element of fun and excitement, along with providing protection to your kid and the floors at the same time.


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