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Last Minute Halloween Checklist and Preparation

Oct 27th, 2013 By

We have explored decoration and Halloween party ideas, and done everything to make this October 31st the grandest. Now, as the day is approaching soon, you need to assure that everything from décor, DIY crafts, outdoors, to party arrangement is in place. Hence, here are some important tips on last minute checks for Halloween preparation

Home Decor Last Minute Preparation

  • Porch, Driveway and Garden: Sweep the front porch and outdoors, as even after preparation, dried leaves and dust may gather on floors. Affix wall accents at the end, so they remain in place. Stick on decorative items at Halloween even or at the morning of 31st October. Line up the Jack O’ lanterns well in advance.
  • Popular Decoration Spots: Fireplace mantel area, porch decks, dining table, walls, ceilings and gardens are important spots to be decorated on Halloweens. Therefore, these areas should be the first in checklist. Arrange accents on fireplace mantel, draw decals on walls, lay down table linen, deck up tress well before the event to welcome Halloween spirit.

haunted halloween

  • Vegetable Patch and Kitchen: Pumpkins, wreaths, flowers and leaves are basic ornaments for vegetable patch and gardens. As these spaces are quite vast, you may begin working n decoration early. Fence the area, if you have pets and kids to avoid accidents.
  • Accessories: Count down all accessories for Halloween decoration and purchase the accents you forgot to consider at the soonest. If you jot down the missing accessories, it would be easier to remember the ones you have to buy.
  • Walls and Floors: Lay down carpets, drape windows beforehand to save time on the day of Halloween. Clean leftovers of craft and decorations so that the floor does not contain mess. If you want to protect furniture and other items from dust then keep them covered with clean linen covers.


Trick or Treat Check

  • Candies: You would not want to come across as miser on Halloween. Keep enough candies and chocolates for handout. So, see to it you have enough in stock. If you want to expend less, choose cheap sugary candies that are flavored, as children love them. Personalize these goodies by wrapping them in DIY crafted wrappers.
  • Bag: If you have kids, then they are definitely going to tour around neighborhood demanding treats. Arrange a big bag to each of the kid, so that they do not have to stash candies in pockets. Make sure that this bag does not have any holes in it.

halloween candies

  • Flashlight: As it is not until evening when children start to scoot in neighborhood for treats, carrying a flashlight is important. Do not forget to carry one. Ready the back, costume and flashlight for safety and convenience.
  • Napkins: Many plan to devour treats before reaching home. It will get sticky, wiping hands on costumes after gobbling down few treats. Therefore, it is better that you carry a napkin along, tuck in your bag to keep hands clean.
  • Hydrating Liquid: While mimicking a zombie can be fun, it is certainly not nice to dehydrate oneself like a crazy ghost on this occasion. Carry a bottle of water, juice of simply some hydrating liquid to quench your thirst on this adventurous evening.


Party Organization Check

  • Masks and Costumes: Now that you have bought mask, costume or made one, try it and see is the fitting is fine. If you want to make any final renovations like adding glitters or black rose etc, then get it done before October 31st.
  • Lighting: Be it glow lamps, haunting chandeliers, or cluster bulbs and jar lights, give a final check to the wiring and arrangement of these lighting sources. You will not want last minute adversaries with just few bulbs working. So, make a check before you unleash the fiery lights.

halloween party

  • Music: Get Halloween music in place from haunting to coolest track in playlist. Check speakers, cd’s and music system before October 31st. Play all tracks once so that you are assured that they work fine.
  • Food: Look up the menu, and see to it that all ingredients for feast are present prior to the occasion. If there is any icing, gracing or decoration to be done on baked items, cakes and treats, buy all beforehand.
  • Guest Props: Many of us choose some guest props to keep party interesting. So, it is necessary to have all these goods arranged prior to the event. Looking once at invitation list and comparing the props will help achieving the task.


Safety Preparation Check

  • Cell Phone: It is important that children and elders stay in contact on this occasion while trick and treat venture. Carry a cell phone along, and to keep it safer, set a time of return to home.
  • Move in Group: If you have not decided on who will be moving out together on trick and treating adventure, then create a group soon. It is best to end an elder with kids on this October 31st.
  • Sweets: Candies may seem tempting, but do not gorge on it the very moment. Check on expiry date and contents, allergens, so that you are assured of its safety. Similarly, purchase candies that are not expired.
  • Fire Extinguisher: Statistics say that risk to fire is higher on special occasions like Halloween. Get backup fire extinguishers for emergencies. Check their hose and pipe for functionality.
  • Cover Open Wires: Halloween means lots of glow lights, music system pumped up and horror movies going on. This will leave a mess of wires all around, so plan beforehand and get necessary covers for loose wires, and safeguard home.

I hope you have enjoyed our journey from autumn home improvement reflecting Halloween spirit through decor ideas underlying personal interests, hobbies, themes, DIY crafts, budget and Eco-friendly beautification, last minute checklist on preparation tips. However, we will wind up with the last post regarding October 31st celebration by highlighting how we can reuse, profit from the accents, items and leftovers of this occasion productively for next year’s Halloween and in daily decor.


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